• Use the Power of The New Moon in Biz and Life


    What you need to know when you are using the power of the New Moon in your life and in your business.

    I’ve been reading so much about this month’s New Moon in Aquarius (I eagerly await Mystic Mama’s write-ups every month – and I totally got an eyeful and a brain full this month). According to most astrologers, there is a LOT of power to be harnessed under this particular New Moon, as it “is at zero degrees. This energy represents new beginnings…. (and you can) See your challenges as opportunities for growth. They keep your life fresh and lively. Your life can be much freer than you may have realized. In this way, new opportunities will emerge for you. Believe in your dreams coming true. Believe.” (

    New Moon times are wonderful for starting new projects, setting goals, setting manifestation intentions (I love the New Moon abundance manifestation checks here)… basically for increasing. The reason you set your intentions under the New Moon is so that you can harness the energy of the growing moon to grow things in your life. Pretty simple.

    BUT – you’ve gotta be careful when you use the New Moon’s energy in business and in life for a couple of reasons!

    First – and this is something to consider during every moon cycle.

    If you want to use the power of the New Moon to boost your manifestations, you must wait until AFTER the moon has gone new!

    I repeat. You have to wait to state your manifestations until AFTER the moon has gone new!

    This month, the moon will change from waning (getting smaller) to waxing (getting bigger) at approximately 7:14 am EST (Eastern Standard Time) on January 20th (phew, that time has passed now).

    Feel free to set your manifestation intentions NOW – and you can still capture the energy of the New Moon! After approximately 7:14 am EST on January, 20th, 2015, the moon started growing again, and the time when the moon is growing is the time to set your goals for growing, increasing, or getting more!

    The reason you have to wait to set intentions to manifest MORE until after the moon goes totally dark and starts to grow again is because, prior to the point of complete darkness that makes way for growth once again, the moon’s energy is decreasing. So, that time before the point when the moon goes from shrinking to growing, is better for intentions to decrease, cut, shrink, end. The New Moon area of the cycle can be a great time for ending or contracting as well. You just have to be aware of what time the moon actually changes from one part of the cycle to the next in order to best use the energy available to you.

    Here is the rule:

    Before the point of the New Moon, decrease. After the point of the New Moon, increase.



    But wait! Mercury is going Retro, too! What does that mean?

    This month holds an interesting combination of energies at the New Moon, though, because Mercury goes retrograde at right about the same time as moon changes from the waning cycle to waxing. So, on the one hand, we want to start racing toward these lofty, life changing goals to catapult us into this new era of increased peace, love, and state of abundance, but, on the other hand, we are being given the astrological version of an emergency brake being pulled right at the starting gate!

    Basically put, the Mercury retrograde phase is when the planet, Mercury, looks like it is going backward in the skies, instead of forward. This interesting phenomenon is, as explains, something like the illusion caused by “speeding (in your car) by a slow-moving train — as it recedes, it appears to go backward” in the sky.

    When Mercury goes retrograde, it’s just not a good time to start new things – be they careers, projects, relationships, etc. Communication can go awry – things can be taken out of context and misunderstandings are common – as are technical issues (make sure to back up your websites and computers, folks). Kelley Rosano also recommends keeping receipts and double checking the fine print if you have to start something new or make a large purchase during Mercury retrograde.

    But, Mercury retrograde times are fantastic for reviewing, revising, and refashioning. This might be the time for you to take that old dream out that you had put on the back burner – you know, the one that you thought would bring so much help and service into the world, but that you were just scared was too big or too much at that point in time… See if you can rework it to something that will help the world to move forward. See if you can fine-tune it and get it ready for release after Mercury turns direct again, on February 12th.

    You can also try to take a step back from anything that has been troubling you so that you can try to gain a new perspective on it or a fresh understanding during this time.

    From now until the 12th of February, spend time meditating on and researching exactly what it is you need to do to bring your dreams to life!


    This card is taken from Doreen Virtue, Ph. D.’s Archangel Oracle Deck.

    Angels and Moon Work

    When you would like to get a little bit of angelic support for any New or Full Moon spells or intentions, there are a couple of angels who are associated with the moon and who you can call upon to help you manifest your desires.

    Archangel Gabriel is commonly associated with the moon and moon cycles, and would be an excellent angel to call upon to help to increase the power of any intentions (increasing or decreasing) that you are harnessing the energy of the moon to strengthen in your business or life.

    Archangel Haniel is also tied with using the energy of the moon and its cycles to increase (or decrease), depending on your aspirations, in your life.

    Calling on the angels for their help with your goals or issues is as simple as just saying, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Haniel, please help me to use the power of the moon to work on/in (whatever it is you are looking to change in your life)!

    Would you like help with using the moon’s energy to grow your business? Let’s talk! Just fill out this form and we can chat about what you need to do to manifest and grow the business of your dreams!


  • Don’t Be Afraid…

    Don't be AFRAIDtoSHINE!

    Dear Ones,

    Don’t be afraid to shine your heart light as brightly as you can – to share it with others – to use it to light your own way. Tweet: Don't be afraid to shine your heart light as brightly as you can, to share it with others, to use it to light your own way. Sue Ellis-Saller

    Don’t dull it, shade it, or keep it shrouded in secrecy.

    As you know, the light will continue to burn within – guiding you to your true calling – helping you hone in on the people and places you need to discover in order to make your own light shine even brighter.

    And remember, if you have been living in the dark or if you are surrounded by darkness, living fully in  your light might be a little uncomfortable at first. It might make those around you turn away – either temporarily or permanently, if they can’t appreciate your special light.

    Don’t fear the process; don’t avoid it. Allow it and know that this revelation… this shining of the light that is within you will help to burn away anything that doesn’t serve you and that it will draw, like moths, those who need your light.

    So shine on dear one. Shine brightly and fully. Happily release the light within and know that it will serve you and those around you who need it.

    With respect and light~


  • Today’s Card Choice for You – Your Message for Today

    Today’s Card Choice for You comes from Tori Hartman’s Chakra Wisdom Oracle Deck.

    Here are the cards! You can pick the left card, the middle card, or the right card for your message!


    Here is the reveal:

    Today's Reveal


    Impasse – Sometimes your angels will stop you from moving forward on a particular path not because they don’t want to see you succeed at that goal, but because they are trying to save you from harm or heartache that goes along with that particular way of going or doing things. Be flexible. Don’t give up on the goal – find a different way of doing things!


    Perception – If you are feeling bored or unfulfilled in life or you think that things are dull and draining, work to change your perspective. It is sometimes the way we look at things that makes all of the difference in the world. “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Dr. Wayne Dyer 


    Facade – (I love this card) – There are times when interacting with others is painful or comes from a sense of obligation instead of a place of desire and joy. You might be wearing a very uncomfortable mask and it is time to throw it off and just be yourself. The people who love you KNOW and LOVE the true you, those who don’t stick around weren’t meant to be there, anyway. It’s time to heal yourself and to be yourself.

    Namaste – and bis Morgen!


  • Am I Good Enough for the Angels? 4 Things to Consider When You Are Doubting Yourself.


    This is a question I sometimes ask myself: Am I good enough to work with the angels?

    Am I kind enough? Am I generous enough? Am I pure and holy enough?

    Can I pass their messages on properly? Who am I to tell others what I think the angels are telling me?

    What if I am making this stuff up…???

    You see, sometimes I doubt myself. I doubt my access and my connection. I doubt my abilities…

    And honestly, I sometimes think I can’t be good enough. I am not perfect.  I know that. I drink coffee, I yell at my kids sometimes, I curse, I judge, I eat meat and sugar, I don’t meditate as much as I should. I seldom go to church for a mass. I am not religious. I am a little rough around the edges.

    And what if my messages are just random happenstance, not real messages at all…?

    I’ll admit, the messages I get from the angels don’t come to me in the way that I would ideally like to have them!

    I want to SEE choirs of angels surrounding the people I am working with – yet I only get the hint of an outline or feel the impression that someone there. I want to experience messages in a HUGELY PROFOUND way – the way others get them so that they KNOW without any hint of doubt that they have been visited by angels.

    But I don’t…

    When I am feeling down and out and questioning my ability to truly connect with angels, with God or with the Source of All That Is, I ask for a sign. And, generally speaking, I get one.




    It might be a heart in the clouds, or a feather or coin in my path, or a song on the radio, or even a meme on Facebook – it is the way that the angels choose to show themselves to ME. I can either accept the messages as what they are – I can TRUST and BELIEVE – or not. It is up to me.

    Personally, I choose to trust and believe.

    You have that same choice. You can open up to the Universe and to angels and trust in the messages that they give you – or not. It’s up to you!

    Click the birdie to tweet!

    Tweet: You have that same choice. You can open up to the Universe and to angels and trust in the messages that they give you - or not.

    Some things to consider when making the decision about whether or not you are good enough to work with the angels:

    • If you are called to work with angels, then you are meant to work with them. Never doubt that.
    • The angels don’t expect perfection. They called you in the state that you are in. Of course, they might lead you to better yourself – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, socially, and energetically. But you don’t have to be perfect to work with them. You can just be who you are. The most important thing to the angels is your desire to hear them and pass on their messages.
    • Your messages will come to you in the way that they do. This might not be the way you want them to come, but when you recognize them as messages, then you can trust that they are.
    • You have to believe. If you don’t, then there IS NO MESSAGE. It is as simple as that.

    So, if you are called to work with the angels, that is a definite indication that they want to work with you! Perfection isn’t required. Belief is!


  • Consolidating and Clearing Project Clutter

    Hey, Beautiful!

    Welcome to my new home at!



    My new home on Facebook is Susan Ellis-Saller. Come on over and follow the Hey, Beautiful posts there!

    This is a great assignment, as well.

    Today’s assignment is to see what you can condense or get rid of to best serve you!

    For example, I started the See You… Be YOU site about 2-3 years ago, and I want to keep doing these assignments that have been there from the beginning… but in the mean time, I also started Facets of Wellness (for my Reiki), and then started Clear Vision Readings and Reiki to have a space for my tarot and oracle card readings. Then I started The Place to Goal…and Project Happy Monday… and… and… and…

    It all got a bit overwhelming, as you can imagine, because there are sites to keep updated, Facebook and Twitter accounts to (wo)man… and real work, kids, house, etc.


    Then I had an A-HA moment (and several people helped me to arrive there)… where I thought that I should put all of everything under one roof – Susan Ellis-Saller. ME! My passions, my offerings, my interests that I like to share.

    Think about all the time and effort that will save me to cut all but 1 entity to contain.

    So think about your life…Is there anything that is redundant, that isn’t serving you, that is making you have to double or triple your work load without bringing much back?

    Cut the fat and keep only the best, most relevant, and most rewarding things! Get rid of the rest.

    Believe me, the thought of it will seem unbearable at first – especially considering all of the love and hard work we put into all that we do – but just think about how you can maximize your efforts and decrease your workload if you do cut the unnecessary!