Are you a Sensitive Soul in Business or Spiritual Entrepreneur?

Do you feel overwhelmed with ALL there is to do? Are you totally bummed because your business didn’t take off as well as you thought it would?

Does a lot of what people are teaching just not resonate with you?

As a sensitive, spiritual entrepreneur, you probably don’t like pop-ups or feel comfortable with sending daily emails to your subscribers… or you might not even want to send emails to your lists in the first place!

You might not feel comfortable with putting yourself out there as a “public figure.”

You might not be so keen on writing for your blog – and you certainly don’t know where to post your blog posts to get viewers.

Speaking of your blog, you need to get that up and running, but you aren’t sure how to – or else you have a website, but no one is visiting it.

Don’t worry! I can help you!

I’ve been working on building and growing businesses organically and with a grasp of the energetic implications that come with being a sensitive soul.

You can find out more about my spiritual business mentoring offer here: business mentoring.