• Anger is Your Friend

      OK – I know this notion is going to sound crazy to some people. See, we have vilified anger for centuries. We have extolled its negative traits and aspects and totally ignored its virtues. We have made it out to be a dangerous, harmful, unwelcome feeling and we have encouraged it to be stifledĀ andĀ suppressed. […]


  • Hag Stones

    Uses for Hag Stones found on shorelines include anything to do with water, like cleansing and healing. Feminine issues, like menstrual cycles and fertility can also be affected by working with Hag Stones.


  • The NICE Doormat – Forget that noise!

    If you are anything like me – and I bet you are because you are here reading about how to find strength in your sensitivity, then I bet you have played the NICE DOORMAT many, many times in your life.

    I bet you are just as fed up and as frustrated with it as I was – but you aren’t sure that you really want to put your own needs forward because that would require potentially making some serious waves – we are talking hang-ten, surfer paradise, giant waves – maybe even tsunamis- and you don’t want to rock the boat even a little.