• Well Played, #BabyWitch

    Hands clapping, well played #babywitch

    If you are in the witchy world online, you might be aware of the recent uproar about some #babywitch(es) who said they were going to hex the moon and start a war with the fairies. It’s either a really stupid move or a brilliant PR stunt.


  • Being An Imperfect Ally

    I stand with BLM

    Personally, I’ve been having a hard time grappling with what is happening in the United States. As if the Coronavirus Pandemic wasn’t enough, now we are dealing with the civil-social unrest caused by decades of racism and little regard for the lives of people of color. The proverbial cherry on top is the support of police brutality straight from the highest levels in the US government.


  • The Ins and Outs Of Green Magic

    Man sitting in forest looking at waterfall.

    Green magic isn’t quite green magical powder boxed in an ornately wrapped setting unless regarded in a metaphorical way. In fact, its name is quite boring in the face of its definition. Green magic revolves around the natural forces presented in our reality. It derives its very power from nature itself, hence why green is a suitable color denoting just the kind of magic we’re talking about.