Sue Ellis-Saller is a Business Mentor, HSP, and spiritual entrepreneur. Her studies have lead her to become a CACR™ tarot, and oracle card reader; an energy practitioner (Reiki II and Quantum Energy), and a Certified Life Coach.

  • What Does It Mean When You Have A Stalker Card?

    If you’re anything like me, you consult with your cards frequently. I work with tarot and oracle cards daily, often pulling random cards for my own questions, and of course, using tarot and oracle cards to advise clients. There are times when I start noticing stalker cards in my readings. What is a stalker card and what does it mean when you notice you have a stalker card?

    What is a stalker card?

    A stalker card is a card that keeps coming up over and over in your readings, in card picks, or even as the bottom card in the deck (The Shadow Card). You start to see the card so often, it starts to feel like the card is actually following you around or stalking you.

    There are times when I pick up a deck, shuffle it, and choose a card. I note what the card is, return it to the deck, and shuffle again. Then I pull another card from the deck and… it’s the same card I got the first time!

    And it’s often not just one day that the card comes up; stalker cards can follow a person around for weeks. A stalker card will keep on coming up again and again, though, for what feels like an extended amount of time.

    If I’m working out some sort of issue in my mind and end up examining it from a variety of different angles with different spreads on different days (#dontjudge), the same card might appear over and over again in a prominent position in my readings.

    Why do stalker cards stalk you?

    Stalker cards are often ideas or concepts that you need to deal with in order to move forward in your life or get to the next level. They serve as reminders of the point you might be purposefully missing or honestly overlooking.

    Sometimes, the cards are reaffirming a message they gave you the last time you asked. Sometimes, they are reminding you that you have to do that one thing before you can succeed.

    There are also stalker cards you might associate with the “season” of life you are in or a personality trait that is holding you back.

    If you are co-dependent, for example, or need to hold on to your sobriety or work on your addictions, the Devil card might become your stalker. Or, if you need to step up and claim more power in your life, either Strength or the Nine of Pentacles might start stalking you.

    If you start to get the same deity or idea coming up while using a deck (or a few of them), that is an indication that that entity has a special message for you. For example, if Athena comes up when you use the Goddess Guidance deck and then you get out your Goddess Power deck she comes up again, I think it’s safe to say that Athena has a message for you.

    Read about my experience with a stalker card here: Pele, My Goddess Stalker

    What you should do if you get a stalker card

    If you start to notice a specific tarot or oracle card stalking you, or coming up more frequently in your readings, you should explore what it means to you and your current situation.

    • Get out your tarot journal and either go to the page devoted to that card or find a blank page to note your ideas on.
    • Take the card out and really look at it. Are there any symbols on the card that trigger your intuition? Do the colors evoke any feelings for you?
    • Brainstorm a list of ideas related to what it might mean for you.
    • Free-write in your journal. Let yourself connect with the energy of the card or of the deity shown on the card.
    • Get the Little White Book from the deck and see if the deck’s creator lists any new or different information about the card.
    • Spend some time studying what other people say about the card, what it means, and how that ties in with your current life situation.
    • Make note of any direct hits in your life or your tendencies that the card might be addressing.
    • Note WHERE in the deck it is or how it comes up. Is it a card you pull or one that is always on the bottom of the deck?
    • If the card is a deity, place the card on your altar with some libations to thank it for helping you in your life.
    • After you’re done working with the energy of the card, thank the card for the advice and guidance and return the card to your deck.

    In Summary

    Stalker cards are cards you notice coming up over and over again in your readings. When you feel like a card is following you around or stalking you, it’s a good idea to examine its message more closely and really think about what it means in your life. You can write about your stalker card in your tarot journal or make a special note of it. Oftentimes, stalker cards have a special message for you—that’s why they show up often enough for you to get either creeped out or intrigued by seeing them over and over again!

    Have you ever had a card stalk you? If so, please share your experience in the comments below!



  • Is The Message You Are Getting From Your Ego or Your Higher Self?

    Woman thinking

    Learning to work with your intuition is a skill I think we all should learn. If you know how to understand messages that are coming through in the moment, you don’t need a tarot card reader or psychic to help you make decisions. You will be able to tap into Divine Guidance for yourself. But how do you know if the message you are getting is from your ego or your Higher Self? Let’s talk a little bit about it now.

    When you are learning to work with your intuition, you might struggle to be able to discern if a message is coming from your ego or your Higher Self.

    Unfortunately, we, as a society, have been taught to ignore the most basic—and often the most easily understandable—signs from our souls, like hunger, pain, exhaustion, and sadness. Instead of resting when we are overwhelmed, we are pushed to keep going til the job is done. Or we eat according to the clock, not when we are truly hungry.

    If you ignore those cues, you might also ignore the whispers your Higher Self.

    And sadly, our society has also tried to banish symbolism and connecting with the Universe around us. It’s been deemed evil, and those who practice divination or even work with symbols, numerology, astrology, etc. have been systematically outcast, dubbed as wicked, and even tortured or murdered for their practices and beliefs.

    No wonder people have a hard time connecting with their intuition!

    So, how can you tell if a sign or message you get is from your Higher Self, or if it is just your ego trying to keep you small or even fear or FOMO preventing you from doing what you truly know you need to do?

    Tune in to your gut

    One of the most common ways your Higher Self will send a message is through your gut. If you are faced with something your soul is screaming NO to, it will often make your stomach area feel tense, clenched, and just plain out of whack.

    My mom always told me to do a “gut check” when I was trying to make a decision. How do you do a gut check?

    Doing a Gut Check

    Sit quietly without distractions. Take a few breaths to calm yourself and get focused on tuning into your body. Think about Option A. Notice how it makes your stomach feel. What sensations arise. Do you get anxious, grumpy, or sad? Does your tummy start to clinch or feel uncomfortable? Or do you feel free, light, and excited? Note your true feelings.

    Repeat this process with all of the options you have. Be honest with yourself about how you truly feel and what comes up when you think about each option.

    Tone of the Message

    If you get messages through thoughts, like, “This is a great opportunity! Don’t miss out!” or “Watch out for that one…”, you want to think about the tone of the message to understand if the message is from your ego or your Higher Self.

    Messages that are neutral or loving tend to come from Spirit. Messages that are biting, demanding, or insulting, like, “Who do you think you are to think that,” or “OMG. He doesn’t even like you!” or “You’re too (short, tall, fat, old, dumb, etc.) to get this,” are from your ego or even trauma-related messages.

    Note the tone of a message to tell if it is from your Higher Self or from your ego.

    Is the Message Win-Win or Fear Driven?

    Even though this might be a subtle distinction, sorting out if a message is fair and from a higher perspective or if it is driven by fear will also help you decide where it comes from.

    Messages from your Higher Self might encourage you to take a different path and that shift might let others down, but it isn’t fear driven.

    Consider the difference between these messages:

    “You should leave now before you get hurt.”


    “You should leave now because you have tried everything and you are still not happy.”

    There is a big difference between the two.

    When trying to decide if a message is from your ego or Higher Self, note if a message is laced with fear or doubt or if it is loving guidance. You will learn to know the difference.

    Do you feel calm and connected or anxious and forced?

    Oh! This is a great one. When your Higher Self is sending a message, it will feel calm and just right, like Pappa Bear’s porridge.

    If a message is from your ego, however, you might feel forced to make a decision or even like you are dragging yourself to your goal, one leaden footstep after the other.

    Or you might feel like you HAVE to choose between Choice A and Choice B RIGHT NOW! But really, the Universe might have Choices X, Y, and Z lined up for you, if you would just let go of feeling like you need to choose A or B.

    When your Higher Self is guiding you, you will start to feel the simple power of its presence. It doesn’t need to force you to anything. It will let you know. All you have to do is follow it. 🙂

    You get goosebumps or see flashes of light, auras, or other signs

    Another way Spirit will send messages to you is through goosebumps, flashes of light, auras, or other signs.

    For example, when you talk about an idea that really lights you up or is driven by true inspiration, you might break out in goosebumps. This is totally common, especially if you are doing spiritual work.

    I’ve also seen flashes of different colored light and different signs, like feathers, stars, rainbows, and clover when thinking about different outcomes or even looking at different options.

    Or you might see shadows around things that are either MEH or will be bad for you. Other signs that you might want to pass on a project or person are seeing snakes around them, feeling drained when in their presence or when working with them, or even seeing coffins or piles of poo. These are all warnings from Spirit that you should take into consideration.

    Critical, Biting Feedback

    While your Higher Self is loving, supportive, and kind, your ego might be biting and insulting.

    Higher Self will remind you that you did your best while your ego will let you know how weak, dumb, and inept you are.

    You might also have to battle voices from other influences in your life, people whose voices got stuck in your head when you were down.

    Check the voice of a message. If it’s the voice of your overly critical father or the teacher who always made you feel stupid, you know the message is coming from ego or an echo of their negativity that got stuck in your psyche, not Spirit.

    Your Higher Self won’t give up or sway

    Last but not least, your Higher Self will continue to send you the same message over and over again, while your ego might shift, become unclear, or just leave you feeling confused.

    If you choose an option that isn’t good for you, your Higher Self will gently remind you that you are on the wrong path, gently steering you back to the better choice.

    Your ego might lead you in circles, running back and forth, sending confused messages and leaving you feeling frazzled and unsure.

    So, if you find yourself in decision paralysis or feeling overwhelmed, you can rest assured that your Higher Self will be like a lighthouse. Its message won’t shift. It will remain calm and clear, no matter what storms rage around you or in your head.

    Your Higher Self will repeat the same message over and over again.


    As you can see, it’s often really easy to tell if a message is coming from your ego or your Higher Self. Your ego can be negative, cruel, and stuck in confusion while your Higher Self is calm, gentle, and patient. I know hearing the guidance from your Higher Self and following it can be a bit of a challenge, but learning to trust the messages you get will definitely help you out.

    Do you feel like you can tell the difference between a message from your Higher Self and your ego? Please let me know in the comments below!


  • Love and Light Isn’t Afraid of the Dark

    Some people want to act like the High Vibe/Love and Light crowd is a bunch of airy-fairy pansies who are spiritually bypassing everything, avoiding the shadows, and not doing the work in general.

    Those people think that we have our heads in the clouds, we are delusional, and we definitely aren’t grounded in reality.

    They think we are sitting in judgment of them and their choices. And honestly, we might be in some cases.

    But, well… they are being a tad bit judgy too, right?

    Some think we leave a whole lot of energy and power sitting on the table because we choose not to feed our craft—our lives—with feelings like jealousy, rage, pettiness, competition, envy.

    WE CHOOSE. That’s the thing.

    You see, a lot of us are far too familiar with the darkness. Many of us come from violent, abusive, or traumatic backgrounds. Many of us are fighting demons on the daily.

    We are doing the work, making friends with our demons if we can’t slay them, actively choosing the characteristics of the energy we want to work with and amplify.

    Personally, I have to full on fight the urge to be crass, sarcastic, bitter, vile, VENGEFUL.

    C’mon now. I am a Scorpio. You think I’m not actively plotting revenge?

    I don’t avoid the negative urges when they rise up. I explore them. I sit down and examine them from all sides.

    I give the urges space to express themselves and show me what wounds they are grounded in, what paranoid, sad trips they are on.

    And then I tame them. Like many, many others on the Love and Light side of things, I recognize those temptations for what they are and do everything in my power to see their origins and work toward healing them.

    I try to see what’s triggering me and either shift my perspective or just do my damndest to chill the fuck down and let. it. go.

    Me and lots of other folks from the Love and Light side of things don’t want to continue giving power to energies like competition, comparison, exploitation, fear, jealousy, control and manipulation, shame, ANGER, rage, war, the patriarchy.

    We know that if we use those energies to feed our magic, our spells, our power, we amplify them.

    Personally, I am not willing to do that. I see a better future for the world. And if that means that I leave some energy sitting on the table, you can be 100% sure that I choose to leave it sitting there. For real.

    Like I said, it isn’t that I don’t see or feel those emotions, that the energy doesn’t well up inside me, seeping into wounds that have yet to heal. It isn’t that I bypass it. It isn’t that I don’t feel the raw, pulsing power behind it, because I do and I know I can use it, if I want to…

    It isn’t that I sprinkle fairy dust all over the energy, like rolling a turd in glitter. I see the shit. And I choose not to use that shit as my power source.

    I can only speak for myself when I say that I am not immune to “low vibe” feelings. Dark Sue and Light Sue wrestle daily. It takes conscious effort to keep Dark Sue in check—she definitely wants to come out to play wayyyy more often than anyone knows.

    But Light Sue—the one who wants to help make the world a better place—is the one I feed, the one I nurture, the one I give more leeway. She’s the one who sits better in my consciousness, who represents the ideas and principles I embrace.

    Light Sue is the person I want to be—my best self—the ideas I want to stand for and bring more of into the world. Dark Sue represents the hurt, truamatized Sue who hasn’t fully embraced her gifts or truly stepped into her power yet. Light Sue is healed and healthy (or as healed and heathy as she can be in the moment). Dark Sue isn’t interested in getting better; she’s unhappily stuck where she’s at. Light Sue is trying her best—that’s all she can do.

    So, the next time you throw shade at someone who is sprinkling high-vibe energy on everything, focusing on the positive—more publicly in tune with the love and light side of things—remember that person has probably experienced things that would break you, or maybe she’s just isn’t interested in being the kind of person who gives negative energies power.


  • 5 Ways Your Past Trauma Can Affect The Present

    woman sitting on bed in room with light from window (abuse concept)

    If you’ve experienced a traumatic event in the past, it can take a heavy toll on your mental, spiritual, physiological, and emotional health. Traumatic events often involve violent or sexual assaults, childhood abuses, accidents, and any situation that leaves you feeling helpless, isolated, and overwhelmed.   

    With the traumatic events mentioned, child abuse has the most significant impact on one’s adult life. It’s because the abuse happened at a young age when the brain is at its most vulnerable. To make things worse, child abuse is often done by people who often appear trustworthy. 

    Experiencing trauma at a very young age can result in long-lasting side effects. If that childhood trauma is left unresolved, the sense of helplessness, vulnerability, and fear will be carried over until adulthood, making room for further trauma.  

    This is why it’s crucial to look out for children who have experienced such traumatic events and help them in healing from childhood trauma. Regardless of age, it’s essential to help them overcome the pain. It can be a challenging feat to gain their trust and help them connect with people again.

    To give you a better understanding of how severe an unresolved trauma can be, here are some ways your past trauma can affect the present.

    1. The Body’s Response To Danger

    A past traumatic event will affect how the body responds to danger. Even when danger is not present—perhaps just by hearing a loud or familiar shouting voice, the body will automatically feel threatened. The body will release adrenaline and cortisol hormones, influencing one’s response to noises or threats. Unfortunately, you will have no control over it. 

    Some may even react through panic attacks, feeling paralyzed or unable to move in place, hiding, or running away. Your body’s stress signals will continue to haunt you even long after the panic attack is over. Hence, it dramatically affects how your body responds, how you react, and how you think. 

    1. Affected Mental Health

    One aspect of your health that is greatly affected by past trauma is your mental health. There are several ways for your mind to be clouded by trauma. 

    Flashbacks: It’s inevitable for people who’ve experienced past trauma to suddenly and involuntarily relive some aspects of the traumatic event. Sometimes, this happens when something triggers your memory, such as a picture, a place, or a reoccurring event. Flashbacks can last for a few seconds or continue for hours and even days. 

    Nightmares: Even long after a past trauma is over, you may still find it hard to sleep at night as you’re afraid of having nightmares. Sometimes, it’s through nightmares that the trauma can get into your mind and replay in your sleep. 

    Hyperarousal: This is otherwise known as anxiety. You tend to feel anxious and on edge all the time. You couldn’t relax as you can’t stop looking for any possible threat or danger in your surroundings.  

    Dissociation: Dissociation can be your mind’s coping mechanism after a traumatic event. When you’re experiencing dissociation, you may feel detached from yourself and all people around you. You may feel like the world you’re standing on is unreal. That’s why others tend to move into a new country to run away from their past trauma.

    Alcohol or Substance Misuse: Some people find it hard to cope with difficult memories or emotions. Hence, they resort to drowning themselves in alcohol or drugs. These will make them high, and their minds would temporarily forget about the traumatic event.  

    Psychologist comforting depressed and worried patient with phobia
    1. Eating Problems

    Past trauma tends to influence your eating habits—it can either be a loss of appetite or overeating.  

    Binge-eating may be a way for some people to distract themselves from disturbing thoughts, emotions, or memories associated with the traumatic event. Logically, overeating is not enough to get rid of unwanted flashbacks and anxiety, but it can be a temporary relief or a coping mechanism to deal with unresolved trauma. 

    On the other hand, the effects of past trauma can also cause loss of appetite. As you always tend to be alert about certain dangers around you, you’ve lost your interest in other things, including eating. This, in turn, will result in anorexia or bulimia.

    1. Physical Health Problems

    While past trauma can impact your mental and emotional health, it can also make you more prone to physical health problems, including long-term or chronic illnesses.  

    Other people find comfort in blaming themselves for the trauma. They feel this intense guilt or shame, even though they’re not the ones who should be blamed. However, blaming themselves is how their minds try to make sense of that past trauma. It’s also the mind’s way of trying to avoid overwhelming feelings. If you constantly feel this way, chances are, you’ll forget to look out for your well-being, causing you to be sickly. 

    You might have been also physically hurt during that experience, especially if it’s related to abuse, violence, or an accident. Living with a physical disability or illness after the traumatic event can make you feel anxious, making it harder to cope with trauma.

    1. Difficulty In Trusting Others

    This may be one of the hardest things to fix for a traumatized person. People who have been victims of abuse or violence will find it hard to trust anyone ever again—most especially if the abuser is their family or loved ones. That’s why some people would resort to isolation and withdraw themselves from the rest of the world. Being alone makes them feel safe from deceitful and vile people. 

    Unfortunately, isolation will only make things worse. The more you separate yourself from the outside, the harder it is to cope with the trauma. Certain practices can heal your inner child and help you move on from the traumatic event as time goes by. If you still find it hard to trust someone, you can talk to a counselor when you’re ready.

    Final Thoughts

    Healing yourself from a past traumatic event is not something that happens overnight. It’s a process that requires a commitment to change and forgive. If you’re still suffering from any adverse effects mentioned above, don’t hesitate to ask for support from your closest person or a trusted counselor. Don’t constantly think that you’re alone in this silent battle, because you are not. Many people are willing to help you throughout the healing process. The best way to deal with your trauma is to communicate your feelings openly—but make sure you’re ready and willing.

    Dawn Sullivan
    As a mother of three beautiful children, Dawn Sullivan understands how challenging parenthood is and is using her experience to create informative pieces on parenthood on her blog. Dawn covers a wide variety of topics useful for parents – from giving out tips to help homes become child-friendly to helping them choose the right physician for their children.  


  • Content Marketing Ideas For Spiritual Entrepreneurs

    Content marketing, a.k.a. creating content your audience will LOVE, is really important for spiritual entrepreneurs. It will help grow your audience, get new clients, sell more courses, sessions (or books or whatever it is you offer), and also share your unique vision with the world.

    Planning your content marketing strategy doesn’t have to be hard, either! I know that a lot of spiritual entrepreneurs are intimidated or even overwhelmed by the thought of creating content regularly.

    I have a great content marketing brainstorming worksheet FREE for you here:

    What is content, anyway?

    Content can include a variety of different things, from blog posts to vlogs, podcasts to worksheets, how-to videos and meditations.

    You might do a live on Instagram or Facebook as your weekly content marketing strategy, or you might decide that recording a podcast is a better way for you to go.

    Use your content to teach and entertain. Don’t be afraid to give too much in your blog posts and videos! And be yourself.

    Sue Ellis-Saller

    If you’d like to get some ideas for topics you can use as content marketing ideas, here are some content ideas I highly recommend for spiritual entrepreneurs.

    1. Every month has moon cycles, zodiac associations and celestial events, holidays, feast days, and seasonal qualities that can feed your ideas for creating spectacular, interesting, and popular content. You can plan a rough foundation of content around those sorts of topics.
    2. Leave some room for commenting about current affairs and topics that come up in the news or are buzzing in the industry, like new decks, books, and people in the scene.
    3. You can also do readings about the energy of different newsworthy topics, like exploring the elections with tarot or walking through an individual candidate’s birth chart or the numerological association of their name.
    4. You can also do readings about the energy of different newsworthy topics, like exploring the elections with tarot or walking through an individual candidate’s birth chart or the numerological association of their name.
    5. People who are reading your blog will likely want to get to know you too, so don’t forget to share your life and world fairly openly. Introduce yourself at least once per month (really) and share bits of your life with your audience. What’s your story? What inspires you? What lessons are you learning (or stuck on) in your journey? Make sure you share from the heart—people can feel the energy.
    6. What are you offering? This is something I feel like spiritual entrepreneurs miss pretty frequently. People need to know about your sessions, how they can work with you, what working with you looks like, any new projects you are working on, and monthly specials. 
    7. Make sure you create a good library of evergreen content and images you can schedule in at regular intervals that lead to your books, signature courses, introduction, top blog posts, etc. 
    8. Video is hot right now–even micro content. According to Social Media Examiner, more people watch video (and longer videos) on YouTube. You can always create videos live on Facebook, download them to your computer, and then upload them to YouTube. You can then embed the video from YouTube onto your website and do a quick write up (or get a full transcription from a site like Don’t forget your keywords for Search Engine Optimization.
    9. Speaking of SEO and keywords… Have a look at what other people in your field are talking about. Do some research on Google Trends, Pinterest, and YouTube. Even Instagram is currently testing a content search that isn’t solely based on images and hashtags. 
    10. What questions do people ask you over and over again? Can you make a FAQ or a fact-filled, interesting write-up that would answer their questions? Are their questions that many different people in your community are asking about repeatedly? You can always ASK your audience what they’d like you to create content about.
    11. New products on the market. If you work with cards, there are likely a dozen new decks in the works you can talk about. Or, if you buy a new deck or divination tool, why not review it in a video or blog post? Don’t forget to tag or link through to the creator of the tool or the author of the book. 
    12. You can also link through to books, apps, and articles that would help someone learn how to use a new divination tool. I’m currently learning about Runes by using my Metaphysician’s Day Planner and Guidebook from Benebell Wen.  
    13. And why not write about or showcase the work of people you admire? There are readers, healers, writers, and business mentors whose work you likely appreciate, and you might be able to spend hours talking about people in the spiritual community who inspire you. You could even reach out and invite your mentors to do an interview or collaborate on a video show or podcast!
    14. What are you reading about and what stands out to you about the book? What do you think about the book? Would you recommend it? Do you agree with the author? Book reviews are golden, timeless content pieces. They never get old or go bad, unless the person totally shifts their beliefs. Still, then, those reviews are likely going to get hits.
    15. Recycle content. You can recirculate, recreate, review, or piece out old content like blog posts, images, videos, and content you’ve created. In a group, you can even reuse ‘placeholder’ content (daily themes, group rules, old posts that were popular).

    See? There are so many different topics you can incorporate into your content marketing strategy. You don’t have to overthink the topics you will be talking about. Just pull influences from your mystical practice, your tarot journey, your favorite tools, books, art, and interests.

    Do you need help planning your content marketing strategy or learning how to use the tools you have at your fingertips to create interesting content that attracts new followers and clients to you? Schedule a Discovery Call to see I can help you with your content marketing and social media strategies!