Angel Team Reading

Get a personalized Angel Team Reading – Created just for YOU!

Have you ever wondered which angels were watching over you and how to best connect with them?

Get an Angel Team Reading

Your personalized Angel Team reading will include the most important 6 angels for you to work with and details about working with them.

The angels are assigned by your day and date of birth, the element you were born in (water, fire, earth, air), and a variety of other influences that factor into your Angel Team Reading.

After you see which angels have been assigned to work with you, you’ll also get a 3-card angel reading, showing you the overall theme in your life in the coming months.

These readings are normally $75 but are on special for the My Angel Prayer Alexa Skill debut on May 1st. They’ll be on sale for $44 for the month of May.

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*Once you’ve ordered your reading, please follow the instructions on the Thank You page to make sure that Sue receives the information she needs to prepare your Angel Team reading for you.