I'm passionate about helping BOLD, VIVID Lightworkers market and make an impact!

My inner dork loves marketing and analytics, tarot, symbolism, spirituality, energy healing, and learning about/teaching about spirituality and content marketing.

I’m a Spiritual Advisor turned Marketing Strategist. My own spiritual journey allows me to truly understand the basics of your work so I can polish your words with a loving and knowledgeable hand, make images that fit your energy and style, and even recognize when you are blocking yourself—and your authentic energy—in your work.

I help you get balanced, aligned, and in a Flow State. 

And I love learning about business development, trends in content creation and social media marketing, and also about all the new decks, modalities, and good stuff that is going on in the New Age/Spiritual Community.

Are you ready to really start changing the world with your spiritual work? Do you want to come out of hiding and be seen and heard? Do you want to become a leader in the spiritual community?

And most of all, do you want to be able to work in your Zone of Genius while someone else takes care of all the image creation, posting, and even community interaction and engagement.

I AM a Spiritual Advisor with 10+ years experience in online business development (tarot, Reiki, coaching, energy healing). I’ve been there, done that, and have the experience to help you grow, thrive, and prosper.

My Core Values


When you are generous, the Universe responds to you in kind, at least that’s what I think.


The world needs you—raw, vivid, vibrant. Your energy will attract your perfect clients like bees to honey.


To the Universe, to the Earth around us—we are all connected.


If we make sure that more healers and Lightworkers have money and power, we can change the world.

What I Believe

Things are shifting. The world needs your light now more than ever. Many of us were put here SPECIFICALLY to help herald this change, to share our vision and way of doing things with others.

Helping Healers share

Not all Lightworkers and Transformation Agents are into pastels and love and light. Some are BOLD, VIVID, and courageous!

How Can I help you?

Done For You Images

Get branded images created for you to post on your social media platforms. Includes 30 days worth of images for you to schedule, based on the pillars of marketing.
*posting for you available at an extra charge

Work With Me

Take it deeper, wider, more in-depth. We can sit down and visualize a strategy for your content and social media marketing. We can also sit with a cup of Joe and some Tarot cards and see what the Universe has in store for you!

Latest Blog Post

Content creation, marketing trends, working with your intuition, Law of Attraction, strategy, and the latest fun tech toys are alllll possible blog post topics. Let me know if there’s something you’d like me to write about!