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I love a nice love spell. ✨💖✨

I know many people are probably thinking about doing a love spell this Valentines Season.

If you are, please consider this:

Love spells are best left open to bringing someone into your life who will be a good partner and have the set of characteristics you’re looking for instead of focusing on tying a specific person to you.


What could go wrong with a love spell focused on one person?

It makes me shudder a bit when I think of love spells that are meant to tie two people together who are not a good match

It results in things like that person who just never leaves your thoughts, no matter how much time passes. On one hand, that could be a nice thing if the person who won’t leave your thoughts left good memories. If not, however… I think you get the point.

Tying someone’s soul to yours can have more toxic effects, too. Loveless, unfulfilling relationships, lack of intimacy, or even stalking and not wanting to move on, or “If I can’t have you, then no one can,” mentality.

Think about the difference before you start working on your love spell.

Getting a great outcome from your love spell

You want to set the stage and get your energy in the best possible place to do a love spell.

💖 Burn some cherry or honey incense by in the background.
💖 Keep some rose quartz on hand.
💖 Center into the emotion of love while you’re working on your list for manifesting a fabulous partner who is everything you dreamed about.
💖 Ask Archangel Chamuel to help bring love into your life.

✨💖✨ Believe in the power of your will to vibrate out into the Universe and attract love to you.So, instead of thinking about one specific person as THE focus of your love spell, write a list of characteristics and traits you want your partner to have.

How can you tell if your love spell is working?

When love—in any form—shows up in your life, be grateful, because it’s a sign that your magic is working to bring love to you.

That means gratitude for new friends and old, children, loving how you spend your time; admiring qualities in a person who you are close to; practicing self-love.

Languish in the feeling of all forms of love. Show love to others. Make love your attitude.

Love will come to you.

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