Some people want to act like the High Vibe/Love and Light crowd is a bunch of airy-fairy pansies who are spiritually bypassing everything, avoiding the shadows, and not doing the work in general.

Those people think that we have our heads in the clouds, we are delusional, and we definitely aren’t grounded in reality.

They think we are sitting in judgment of them and their choices. And honestly, we might be in some cases.

But, well… they are being a tad bit judgy too, right?

Some think we leave a whole lot of energy and power sitting on the table because we choose not to feed our craft—our lives—with feelings like jealousy, rage, pettiness, competition, envy.

WE CHOOSE. That’s the thing.

You see, a lot of us are far too familiar with the darkness. Many of us come from violent, abusive, or traumatic backgrounds. Many of us are fighting demons on the daily.

We are doing the work, making friends with our demons if we can’t slay them, actively choosing the characteristics of the energy we want to work with and amplify.

Personally, I have to full on fight the urge to be crass, sarcastic, bitter, vile, VENGEFUL.

C’mon now. I am a Scorpio. You think I’m not actively plotting revenge?

I don’t avoid the negative urges when they rise up. I explore them. I sit down and examine them from all sides.

I give the urges space to express themselves and show me what wounds they are grounded in, what paranoid, sad trips they are on.

And then I tame them. Like many, many others on the Love and Light side of things, I recognize those temptations for what they are and do everything in my power to see their origins and work toward healing them.

I try to see what’s triggering me and either shift my perspective or just do my damndest to chill the fuck down and let. it. go.

Me and lots of other folks from the Love and Light side of things don’t want to continue giving power to energies like competition, comparison, exploitation, fear, jealousy, control and manipulation, shame, ANGER, rage, war, the patriarchy.

We know that if we use those energies to feed our magic, our spells, our power, we amplify them.

Personally, I am not willing to do that. I see a better future for the world. And if that means that I leave some energy sitting on the table, you can be 100% sure that I choose to leave it sitting there. For real.

Like I said, it isn’t that I don’t see or feel those emotions, that the energy doesn’t well up inside me, seeping into wounds that have yet to heal. It isn’t that I bypass it. It isn’t that I don’t feel the raw, pulsing power behind it, because I do and I know I can use it, if I want to…

It isn’t that I sprinkle fairy dust all over the energy, like rolling a turd in glitter. I see the shit. And I choose not to use that shit as my power source.

I can only speak for myself when I say that I am not immune to “low vibe” feelings. Dark Sue and Light Sue wrestle daily. It takes conscious effort to keep Dark Sue in check—she definitely wants to come out to play wayyyy more often than anyone knows.

But Light Sue—the one who wants to help make the world a better place—is the one I feed, the one I nurture, the one I give more leeway. She’s the one who sits better in my consciousness, who represents the ideas and principles I embrace.

Light Sue is the person I want to be—my best self—the ideas I want to stand for and bring more of into the world. Dark Sue represents the hurt, truamatized Sue who hasn’t fully embraced her gifts or truly stepped into her power yet. Light Sue is healed and healthy (or as healed and heathy as she can be in the moment). Dark Sue isn’t interested in getting better; she’s unhappily stuck where she’s at. Light Sue is trying her best—that’s all she can do.

So, the next time you throw shade at someone who is sprinkling high-vibe energy on everything, focusing on the positive—more publicly in tune with the love and light side of things—remember that person has probably experienced things that would break you, or maybe she’s just isn’t interested in being the kind of person who gives negative energies power.