If you are in the witchy world online, you might be aware of the recent uproar about some #babywitch(es) who said they were going to hex the moon and start a war with the fairies. You can read about it here: Baby Witches Hex the Moon

Oh. My. Gods.

They are either really very stupid or really very smart.

What they did was basically the equivalent of saying they were going run across a highway, blindfolded, wearing noise-canceling headphones while carrying a sizeable nuclear warhead. Potentially fatal and earth altering shit. And who would want to do something like that to begin with?

Hex the Moon? A celestial body associated with intuition and magick? Start a war with the Fae? Earthbound elementals with a bit of a naughty streak and a legendary temper? Babywitch is going to mess with them? I don’t think so.

Or maybe… as Benebell Wen said on Twitter:

So my more serious commentary.
This is how I envisioned the conversation to have gone:
TikTok witches: We hexed the moon!
Elders: Yeah? How’s it working out for you?
TikTok witches: Great!
Elders: Great!
End. :: moon thrives on, having no idea any of this even happened ::

Personally, I have a hard time believing ANYONE who is truly on the witchy path in an honest and aligned way would say they were going to hex the Moon or start a war with the fairies. It stinks of satire. It’s obviously like “let’s go get a whole segment of the population talking by saying the most utterly ridiculous nonsense we can muster up.”

And that’s why it is genius. A lot of other witches are against these ideas, scoffing, “AW HELL NO #babywitch. Be careful what you fuck with. Don’t make me have to bind you.”

Also, IMHO, this is kind of like Doreen Virtue’s A-Z list of all the evil things like rainbows, unicorns, yoga, non-Christian religions and belief systems, and angels. Especially angels. EVERYBODY in the New Age, Love and Light community was talking about it. Everyone was reading her post, discussing it on social media, sharing the link in their blog (I’m not even going to in this post because that would provide yet another link and I’ve talked about it here Disappointed in Doreen).

When people say profoundly controversial things, they are looking to make a ruckus.

It’s cheap press: page views, click-throughs, and backlinks galore. You can’t buy this kind of publicity.

#Babywitch(es) are getting millions of hits on their hashtags and millions of views on their newbie #babywitch pages. They are getting advice and explanations. They are getting more conversation generated about working with fairies, working with the moon, and witchcraft in general.

Hopefully, they are using this as an opportunity to get social as well. I hope they are making relationships, soaking up the lessons, and squeezing every drop of goodness out of this.


If these hex and war threats were just a marketing ploy, I say, “Well done, #babywitch. My witchy hat is off to you. Not many people are willing to go so far to make a buzz. You hit a home run with this one.”

Of course, if it ISN’T a marketing ploy, then should the community let them do their thang and see what happens or should we try to stop it?

What do you think? I’d love to hear what you have to say about #babywitch and controversial marketing tactics. Leave your comment below.