Green magic isn’t quite green magical powder boxed in an ornately wrapped setting unless regarded in a metaphorical way. In fact, its name is quite boring in the face of its definition. Green magic revolves around the natural forces presented in our reality. It derives its very power from nature itself, hence why green is a suitable color denoting just the kind of magic we’re talking about.

This form of magic is a branch of the occult practices of Magick, a metaphysical practice of transforming will and intention into perceivable reality. Green magic practitioners believe that any living being gives off a unique force or energy called Mana and that, through the use of correct channels and training, this energy can be accessed and utilized for good. It’s a belief system that is rather neutral and unattached to other religious belief systems. In fact, religious, agnostic, and atheist believers from differing systems partake in green magic rituals.

How it works

The essence of Magick strongly involves will, intention, and incantation. It requires the user to learn how to access his or her own innate ability and how to channel it for manifestation. The human body and its organs can be considered a mere factor, although one of the primary tools, of Magickal practices.

If we think of only the simplest way a human goes about achieving his will, it is not too different. Consider that before every action comes a thought and the processing of that thought before it can see through a physical interaction with the environment. If you desire a pen to fill out a document, it must first occur to you that you’d like to have one. The next step involves you thinking about how you might acquire said writing tool. Lastly, you will inquire vocally whether you might make use of the pen belonging to the kind stranger next to you. Much the same, a practicing witch must effectively use intention, gesture, and voice tones to generate a desired outcome. Green magic is componential to Magick and assists with that very generation by using nature as a source of power, in conjunction with the base power derived from oneself.

Green magic enemies

As explained, Green magic uses nature as its power source so there are indeed many ways to use flora for Magick rituals. It’s a system whose roots extend all the way back to our ancient ancestors and pagans. They understood the powerful healing, hallucinogenic, and practical properties of herbs and plants and made great use of this knowledge. We still have remnants of this knowledge today, but a more chemically-based western medical approach takes precedence in modern-day health practices.

Moreover, nature is being destroyed by deforestation, pollution, and other human actions. Plants are continuously becoming more extinct, as much as animals are, and due to globalization, indigenous tribal knowledge is either deemed rudimentary or is dying out along with nature.

Green magic, by nature of being natural, lies in opposition to anything that is unnatural. Nature works on the principles of symbioses and co-operation. It seeks growth and understanding that is mutually beneficial for all. We can see this in almost every relationship between plant species and the defiance of this law also presents dire consequences. For example, planting beans alongside sunflowers and corn helps to strengthen the latter’s root system which enables increased resistance to strong winds. Our modern-day practices of growing monoculture crops results in weakened yields. Permaculture is often disregarded by most farming practices because it isn’t as profit-pumping as its counterpart, but it takes the natural law of correspondence into account and thus grows higher quality produce. So practices like black magic, or those that use magic for evil intentions and selfish use, don’t sit well with green magic.

Green magic applications

In ritualistic practices, herbs (both dry and fresh) are used to purify the environment of bad energies to maximize the performance of the ritual. Furthermore, the burning or application of its oils can induce calming or invigorating moods (depending on the desired effect) which also aids the ritualistic practice. The practice of grounding is also common in green magic and is highly effective. It is encouraged to walk barefoot to transfer the energy from the ground into the walker and to transmute overactive energies into controlled ones. There are many articles about green magic that explore more of its fascinating applications.