Hello everybody. Welcome to Spiritual Business Spotlight with Sue Ellis-Saller. Today’s podcast is brought to you by Connect, which is my group that empowers people to connect with the messages they are receiving from the Universe so they can communicate their own messages through their own filter. It’s a really empowering group. I love teaching this. It gives you all the tools needed to really experience connection with source.

Today I wanted to talk to you about letting go, allow and trust in the world and the Universe.

One of the questions that came up on my angelic advice website was that a woman had a lot of choices in front of her but she couldn’t make a decision about which one was the best one for her so she was having a problem. When I focused on the angelic guidance, when I channelled angelic advice for her, it was a message about Divine Timing and also setting your sights on a goal and letting that goal go and allowing the Universe to bring you to that goal at the proper place and time; that she would have the perfect opportunity shown to her at the right time.

This has been coming up in my life, too, as a really big theme; about what I need to focus on because I’ve been having these moments of clarity.  They call them “A-HA” moments, these moments of shift, these moments of really big connection.  And each one of these shifts in perception has clicked things into perspective.  And as this happens, it shifts what I am able to see or it shifts my ability to completely connect with the direction I have to go in.

Or sometimes I ask for a specific thing, or I open myself up to a specific experience or feeling and then I trust that the Universe will bring the exact, right opportunity, next step to me in Divine Time; in its own time.

I understand that Divine Timing is such a hard thing to be patient with. As human beings we are looking at timelines, we are looking at musts; “I must make my rent,” “I must get out of bed and go to work today,” “I must find a new house because my lease is running out.”

Instead of stopping and finding the exact, right thing, the perfect thing for us, then we get stuck in frantic energy where we have to direct the Universe and take the next option even though it’s not the perfect option for us.

I don’t know about you, but I know I have taken the option that I knew wasn’t right for me and then it felt wrong, completely out of alignment. I wished I hadn’t made that choice but it was the one I was stuck with for the time. Ultimately it led me to some valuable lessons about trusting the Universe and about taking a step back and allowing and understanding what Divine Timing was and is.

Sometimes the things you want most in life—for example as a tarot reader a questions I often get are about romantic relationships and how they will play out. These people are not living in the moment. They are trying to fast forward 20 years into the future. They’re ignoring the red flags that are coming up. They’re ignoring their own intuition that says “yes stay with this one” or “no, red flag, walk away from this one.”

When they come to me for a reading I always remind them to take a step back into the moment, take a step back into their intuition and trust what’s going on. And also (I remind them) not to get so wrapped up in a particular person, or job, or house, or whatever it is they’re looking. They should have a description of the characteristics they are looking for.

I did this before I met my husband. I sat down and wrote a list of characteristics that I wanted in a partner. I had a long list and I did this a few days after the new moon and I did this with honey candles burning and cherry incense burning—or blueberry, or strawberry, something that was geared towards inviting the Universe to help me in manifesting the goal of finding my partner.

I didn’t focus on a specific person, which when I got into tarot reading and energy work, I would focus on a specific person. The more you get into the work, the more you realize that focusing on that specific person, focusing on that specific outcome is holding you back from finding the joy and the love, the satisfaction, the career, the home, the person that is right for you. Always remember to describe characteristics, describe the feeling that you want, describe the joy that you’re going to have and leave the option or series of options open to the Universe to bring to you.

Even just recently I was looking for a coach to help me—like a business coach—so I was courting a few of them and getting to know their work and there was this one that was really kind of expensive. You know they say, “If you go with a really expensive coach then you’re going to stretch yourself to create the shifts.”

Sometimes, though, I just don’t want that level of discomfort. I don’t want to do everything that has to be done to come up with a big, giant lump sum of money to pay someone every month. So I took a step back and I thought about it with myself and I said, “Ok, I would like to find a great business coach will take me to the next level, who is a stretch, but someone I feel like the stretch is more in line with my current reality.” So I let that go into the Universe. 

Then, as these things sometimes turn out, my feed starting showing someone else’s work I’ve been following for a while and I decided to go with this other option who is much more in line with a lot of different things I’m looking for in a coach.

I had to let go of the one option. I had to allow the Universe present other options to me and I had to trust in the divine time, at the right moment I would find the exact, perfect match for myself, which I feel like I did.

This, again, is a leap of faith. This is a leap of trust and really going into yourself and doing the work that you need to do and doing everything in yourself you can do to create the space for this perfect option to find you. Or really being aware of and noting the different options as they come up and how those make you feel on the inside.

Excitement can sometimes masquerade as fear. So you really have to get comfortable with centering within yourself and thinking about these different options and seeing how they really make you feel. This is something that’s on my YouTube page. I did a series of videos about how to use a pendulum, how to use muscle testing, and how to feel into the core of your spirit and ask yourself:
“Does this option make me feel expansive?
Does it flow?
Does it feel good or does it shut everything down?
Does it make me feel tight or like it is a mistake?”

Think of the person who is sliding down the wormhole and trying to escape from ultimate doom. If that’s the way you feel when you think about a certain option, then that option is not for you.

Sometimes you will get a little bit scared, like “Am I up to the challenge? Is this going to take me to the next level? Is it going to do or really have the outcome to the goal I am working on?”

So really kind of get in the habit of taking a step back. Taking a deep breath. Or two. Or three. And getting in a place of calm, centered, grounded embodiment of your Spirit. Then thinking of your options from there. And making a decision from there.

Also, remember if none of the options feel good in the moment, then the right option might not be there for you in the moment.

So you might have to say no to all of the options that are available to you. And when you say no to all of the options that are available to you, that creates a vacuum for new options to come to you and new choices to inhabit. If you say “no, no, no, no, no” that’s basically flicking them off of the playing field, and when you flick them off the playing field it leaves you open for new choices, new people, new experiences to come onto the playing field. From there you are coming into such a more powerful place to make a decision.

Sometimes, too, the right option isn’t there, what you’re being encouraged to do, what your lesson in that moment is to actually say no to all of those wrong options. For some of us that’s really, really hard because it’s tough for us to believe that there’s something better there for you.

But, like I said, this might be the lesson you are in. Going back to romance and relationships, when you say no to the one who isn’t right then you make space for the one who is right. It’s just really an interesting exercise in faith and really being honest with yourself about how you feel about the options that are available to you.

Just remember you can call on your angels, you can call on your spirit team, you can call on your higher wisdom to help show you the way. This might come in the form of shifts in perspective, like those AHA moments that I was just talking about where prior to this moment you were seeing things in a different light. Then you get this AHA moment and it shifts the way you see everything.

Or after you call on your Spirit Guides to help you out, you may see a little piece of evidence, what we call a white rabbit to follow. If you see the number 1111 or 444, if something triggers that “oh my gosh this is a sign” feeling, then that’s your Spirit Guides and your Angel Team working on your behalf. Some people see a glowing aura around things, or see a coin, or get a phone call from exactly the right person.

Gabriella Bernstein, in her book Super Attractors, was talking about how she placed her phone down and it started playing a song she had never heard before.

That’s another thing; you need to know how your Spirit Team is trying to communicate to you so that you can trust they are there and they are guiding you; they’re there helping you make right decisions.

You have your internal way of feeling things and the signs that your own intuition is giving you. These outward signs that you can use to make a better decision for yourself.

Through the combination of these different things, and then tell other people around you what you’re looking for because we all love to help each other get to the next level or take the next step in life. If you let the people who you trust and who you know will have your best interest in mind know you’re looking for a job or a partner or a new home, see what they come up with too. They may have just heard of someone who is hiring a VA or someone who’s decided to put their house up for rent while they move to Florida.

It’s really putting that desire into the Universe and seeing what comes back to you and trusting that the Universe will have the exact right thing at the exact right time. It can get frustrating because you might have to wait a little bit and you might have to say no to a bunch of things that don’t feel right for that bright, shiny thing to come to you. It’s just up-levelling. It’s just getting into that place of trust.

If there’s something that you’ve walked halfway down the path; this is something that happens a lot of times. People start a career path or something that doesn’t feel right to them, right from the get-to, this is the major lesson in the Tower card I think. People start something, it doesn’t feel right but they just keep going and going and slipping down into that wormhole and thinking “How do I get out?” Then it’s just time to say “I made a mistake. I need to back off from that.”

It’s not going to be easy. In most cases, it’s not going to be comfortable. The momentary discomfort that you feel, the discomfort you feel from letting other people down, sometimes the money or the time that you’ve “wasted”, waste being in quotes because there’s probably a lesson you learned from it that you don’t realize yet but needed to know. 

But when you change direction and get back into alignment with the ultimate goal was you had in mind to begin with, or when you get into better alignment with what your spiritual guides wanted you to do, then it’s going to be better for everyone involved. It doesn’t negate the discomfort or misunderstandings that will happen but it’s still better. If you just say “Hey I’m sorry I made a wrong decision, here’s what I’m going to do to make amends” and then shift what you’re doing and focus on what’s best for you and let everyone forgive you and move towards your highest and greatest good.

This is going to be an exercise of trust. It’s going to be an exercise of patience. It’s going to be an exercise of really being honest with yourself and getting into alignment with what you truly desire in life. And admitting to yourself.

Even that’s a thing these days, we’re told we shouldn’t do this or we shouldn’t do that, and I’m not talking about when people are hurting other people intentionally, it’s hard to explain but you know the difference. You’re not setting out to rob or cheat someone, or do something that will hurt someone else physically, spiritually, emotionally, sexually or otherwise for the rest of their lives. Those are outside of this realm.

As long as you are working from a space of caring, and a space that is for the highest and greatest good for everyone involved, and it’s not going to hurt anyone else then that’s the space you want to work from.

Trust in the Divine to bring to you exactly what you need, in the right time, at the right moment, with perfection. Perfection in having a higher view of what is going to be good for you in your life, in the short-term and the long-term, and for your soul.

I think that is it for today. I would really love to hear any comments, questions, any experience you may have in this, suggestions for new podcasts.

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