Upps! Sorry that I am a little late with this one… Perhaps it’s more a thing of Divine Timing than running late. Everything at the right moment, right?

Take a moment to center yourself. Take a few deep, intentional breaths and connect with Spirit to make sure the message you receive is easy to understand and use for your highest and greatest good. And then choose a card…

Here are the cards to choose from:

the Akashic Tarot deck from Sharon Anne Klingler and Sandra Anne Taylor
Pick a card from The Akashic Tarot deck

Here is the reveal…

Card 1

Two of Scrolls reversed

Have you, as a Spiritual Being, been having a hard time integrating the spiritual side of life with the material aspect? In the past, you might have had thoughts like, “money is evil” or had conflicts with charging for your gifts. Times are changing, though. You are finally able to more fully ground into the reality that money and material possessions are tools that you can use to make a positive impact. You see avenues for generosity toward others AND yourself. Congratulations. You’ve achieved the next level of understanding and integration.

Card 2

Queen of Roses reversed

Have you been taking good care of yourself lately? Are you making sure that you are surrounded by friends and positive influences? Right now, you might be experiencing a little bit of discomfort, especially with your emotions, as you are not feeling fully aligned with the emotional side of life, relationships, and self-care practices. Gentle compassion for yourself and your own needs is what is required of you right now. Continuing to hold onto relationships or critical thought patterns isn’t serving you. Let go of what needs to be left behind so you can make room for better relationships and a more positive state of mind.

Card 3

Ace of Scrolls

You are on the right track. It might not have looked right from the beginning, for sure, but rest assured that things will start moving along soon. You might just have to adjust your thoughts a bit or really get into the project to see what kind of inspiration is loosed as you get working. Sometimes a rough start isn’t an indication that you need to quit, but an invitation to explore your options and do a quick gut check about the direction you are going in. If there is an opportunity that you aren’t fully sure about, but it excites you to the core, say YES and get going!

I hope that helped you out!

With kind regards and blessings,