You know, reading tarot is a LOT more than just looking at cards. It combines a variety of different pieces of background information, like colors, numbers, life stages, astrology, and much, much, more.

After you look at the potential meaning of each card as an individual message, you take that meaning/message and combine it with the cards that surround that card or show up with it. You see what lies above, below, and in-line with each card. You look for similarities, repetitions, and even conflicting themes or information.

Reading tarot requires a reader to practice deep listening—not only for what their clients are saying, but also what the Universe is saying to the person looking for answers.

And it demands pretty radical honesty, with yourself, if you’re doing a personal reading or with the person sitting across the table from you, if you are a professional.

Being able to hold space and counsel for yourself is empowering. No one else can truly feel into the totality of your emotions, intuition, and true desires like you can. That’s why you should learn not only to read tarot and oracle cards, but also to tap into the various other tools, symbols, and messages that will show up in your life.

That is what Connect is about—teaching you the art of interpreting messages the Universe sends, getting in touch and in tune with your soul, for yourself.

It’s a year-long study of many of the different ways that Spirit will guide you. It introduces you to your own power and gifts. It’s a safe community to explore and converse about your experiences.

Are you ready to join?

The first round of Connect will start on October 15th. The Veil will be thin and there will be a Full Moon in Aries the day before. It’s the perfect time to start this journey. Darkness is illuminated.

Connect will include 4 Zoom meetings per month to give participants a space to converse about their experiences and thoughts. I’ll also be sharing insights, interpretations, tools, and tricks with you in those meetings. Of course, those meetings will be recorded and available on the membership site, along with worksheets and practical exercises you can use to deepen your connection. There’s also a private Facebook group to meet, socialize, and learn in.

The Connect program is $79 a month. If you’d like, you can pay the year in full ($900), and you’ll get a 2020 Tarot and Oracle Overview at the New Year for free!

You can sign up here:

Connect program.

If you have any questions about the course, just let me know. I’ll be happy to help you decide if Connect is right for you!

With kind regards and blessings,