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This week’s Ask An Angel question…

I was married to a man who deceived, manipulated and cheated on me. I took ages to get over mentally and emotionally. I recently met someone who I really like, but he said from the start he would be busy due to family and work situations so no time for a relationship. I have seen him every few weeks as a bit more than being friends. Has sent mixed messages along the way. He seems to have cooled off a bit. Am I wasting my time with him? I have known him for 6 months. How would Archangel Chamuel guide me?

For this week’s question, we open up to Archangel Chamuel, who handles matters of the heart and unconditional love.

My darling, your wounds toward love are still healing, and you might be drawn toward people who are as hesitant as you are to enter into a committed, fulfilling relationship because you fear being hurt again. When searching for your true partner, you have to take into consideration the things that you need in order to feel loved, supported, and nourished. If a potential partner isn’t honoring your needs, then the person isn’t a good match for you.

Everyone needs time, energy, and encouragement, especially at the beginning of a new relationship and especially after being hurt as you have been in the past. You need someone who will honor your needs and give your tender new love the nourishment and security it needs to grow.

Ultimately, this man told you that he doesn’t have time for a relationship, and his mixed messages and hot/cold behavior are supporting that statement. If you want more than what he has to offer, you have to love yourself enough to stand firm in that desire and hold out until you find someone who closely matches what you are looking for.

You deserve someone who has time and energy for a relationship with you. You are worthy of everything you want in a partnership. You are worthy of being made to feel loved and special.

Letting someone go who doesn’t provide the love you are looking for makes space for someone who will. Love yourself enough to be honest about what you are getting versus what you truly desire. If it isn’t a match, then let go so that you have space in your life to meet someone new who is a good match.

I hope that this Angellic message has helped you out.

With kind regards and blessings,

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