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This week’s Ask An Angel column…

This week’s Ask An Angel question was posted in the comments on a different page.

I have met and fell in love with a good man. We shared many intimate details of our lives. He has pulled away from me for no reason and I’m frustrated, angry, and confused. This man has resorted to saying things negative about me. I’ve done nothing wrong to him but love him and yet he won’t speak to me. I need closure and have told him that I deserve a sit down in order to have some closure and said I would come to his home to get it? Will I have a conservation with him soon?

The Angels say:

My Darling,

You deserve so much better. This man has gone out of his way to hurt you and to push you away. His actions toward you aren’t loving.

Ultimately, he pulled away because the relationship wasn’t right for both of you. Instead of continuing to lead you on, he let you go. And then he was cruel to you.

If you need to get your emotions out, you can write him a letter outlining your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Pour all of your energy for him into the letter… and then put it into your fireplace or a safe place and burn it. Let the energy that is trapped with him free and open up space for a partner who will treat you like gold. That is what you deserve.

We wish you all the best, Dearest. You will find a love who treats you like gold. Right now, put the focus on turning your love toward yourself.

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