For today’s Ask An Angel column, we have the question:

How do I best navigate this current life phase? I’m confused, frustrated and despairing that all my options seem constrictive, especially financially and physically, and around housing choices, time and energy. I can’t see the best path forward for me as I feel like I’m drowning in deep exhaustion, yet I can’t stop because that will return me to an impoverished state (fact + fear).

Dear One,

Breathe. You are pushing so hard, but the answer will come when you take a step back and trust that the way will be shown to you instead of marching back and forth in front of your options. It’s almost like missing the forest for the trees.

Trust in Divine Guidance and Divine Timing and follow your joy!

Instead of pushing to the point of exhaustion, pull in sharing, in expressing, in teaching. And in trusting in yourself and your skills.

They also tell me that the perfect option hasn’t been shown to you. Sometimes, not being able to make a choice between the options in front of you is a sign that not all options have been unveiled. When the perfect choice is there, you’ll know it.

Even though you are going through a shift, your Guides are still there to serve you. They love you. They haven’t left.

They told me that you already have the skills in place and, as you uplevel, you will need to learn to rely on them again. It’s like they threw you in deeper water after teaching you how to swim. You know what you have to do; you have the skills. All you have to do now is trust in your ability.

It’s also possible that you aren’t owning your value and that is making you have to fight harder.

And please quit turning help away. I feel like you’ve been given some offers of assistance, but you’ve refused—even after you’ve helped the person who is now offering you help. Be open to receiving love because you are one who gives it freely.

I hope that helps!

Kind regards and blessings,