What advice does the Universe have for you this week?

Take a deep breath or two. Ground and center into your Soul. Ask your Spirit Guides to help you receive a message that is easy for you to understand, that helps you move forward in life… that is the best message for your highest and greatest good…

Then pick a card…

Pick your card

These cards are from the gorgeous and powerful Sacred Rebels Oracle, created by Alana Fairchild and Autumn Skye Morrison and published by Blue Angel Publications.

Here is the reveal:

Sept.25 2019 Pick a card reveal. From the Sacred Rebels Oracle Deck.

Left – Big Bold Vision

You know, you wouldn’t have been given that big, beautiful vision—that inkling of helping to change the world on a grand scale—if you weren’t the one to bring it to fruition. The vision that you’ve been given or you are just opening to is real. It is a call from the Divine to trust the inspiration you’ve been given and to make it a reality. Open up to your power, to the synchronicities that are guiding you forward, and to taking one step at a time to move in the direction of your goal. Do what you need to do to remove blockages. Call on your Spirit Guides and/or Ganesh to help you bust through those blocks so that you can successfully pursue your big bold vision.

Center – Receiving

Take an honest look at your energy and how you are interacting with the world. How do you feel? Are you able to receive as much as you give? Are you feeling powerful and filled up or weak, exhausted, and overwhelmed?

Remember, there is no shame in actually needing to fill your own cup or to receive energy, love, support, and guidance. Instead of declining help, you can accept it graciously and be grateful for the energy that the Universe and people around you gladly give you! It is your right to be happy and healthy, to receive as much as you give. Remember that it is a flow, a cycle, and you are worthy of receiving, too.

Right – Conscious Connections

Are you looking for a soul group to meet with or are you interested in repairing the relationships that mean the most to you, but have somehow fallen off the tracks? Now is the time to consciously work on healing your relationships with other people and also to be honest with yourself about whether or not the relationships you value are equal, balanced, and healthy. Either way, you can ask the Universe to help you align with the truth, to heal relationships that serve both parties, and to release those that are toxic or no longer serve everyone involved. This might be hard because you will have to be totally honest with yourself and the others in your circle, but it will be well worth the effort.

I hope the message you received today helps you move forward in your life.

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