The launch of the 7TAROT.COM website

Whether used regularly or on an ad hoc basis, nowadays the tarot appeals more than ever to lovers of cartomancy and the divinatory arts. Good news! A specialized site now exists where they can make their own draws online. It is the work of Eva Delattre, a famous tarologist and philosopher by training.

A unique concept for the draw

Recently created, wants to establish itself as the reference website for all tarot lovers. It must be said that it has many arguments in its favor. The first? Completely free draws, which will allow everyone to get a more detailed understanding of their life path and shed new light on how they feel at the moment. As the world of online cartomancy is largely dominated by paid draws, this news can only be welcomed with open arms!

The quality of the reading is based on the experience and expertise of Eva Delattre, a clairvoyant and cartomancer for almost 30 years. Attracted by the divinatory arts since she was a teenager, Marie would now like the greatest possible number of people to experience the benefits of the tarot.  Her approach is inspired by the work of the 19th-century French mage, Edmond, considered in the field to have been the most successful searcher of his time. What’s special about Eva Delattre? A 10-card method allowing the user to participate in their own draw. It is very innovative because the tarologist appeals to the user’s subconscious, their current feelings and to their intuition.

However, to be able to read the future more clearly, a diversity of methods is always welcome. This is also why offers internet users different approaches to the tarot. While some are directly inspired by Western traditions of the divinatory arts, others have their roots in the East or in ancient Egypt. This variety is very important: it will allow everyone to choose the draw that has the most meaning to them, according to their current needs and feelings. Is your mouth starting to water? Later on I’ll talk about some draws that I particularly liked!

How does it work?

It’s very easy to understand how this divinatory tarot reference site works. The homepage clearly shows the 7 different draws offered by Eva Delattre. Each of them is accompanied by a short explanatory text, which will help users to choose the one that suits them best. To begin your experience you simply click on the link that interests you.

An attractive deck of virtual cards then appears. It is carefully shuffled, just as it would be during a “physical” session of cartomancy.  At each stage of the draw, you are told what you need to do. For a total immersion, just imagine that this is the voice of the tarologist speaking to you. The things you are asked to do are really very easy. For example, you will be asked to choose a certain number of cards from the deck and then to select the ones that you feel are the most compatible to you, or reject certain others. If you are already used to the world of the divinatory arts, the process shouldn’t seem confusing. At the end of the draw, you need to specify your gender to receive a free, personalized, interpretation of your draw.  The explanations are very well laid out and very complete. If you enjoyed the experience you have the opportunity of getting an even more detailed analysis by email. And, of course, you have the opportunity of making direct contact with Eva Delattre, who never hesitates to establish a special relationship with the visitors who ask for one, who she helps every day with her tarot cards.

Why the number 7?

7 is a highly symbolic figure, regardless of the environment in which it is found. And this is equally its case in the world of the tarot. Associated with one of the major arcana, the Chariot, 7 is about making a new start, taking control of your life by putting aside the difficulties of the past. It is, therefore, a very positive card in the tarot, which announces ready success, luck and future travels. The Chariot on the card drawn by two horses and carries a crowned driver. It is the symbol of triumph, success, and self-control.  For the more curious among you, you should also know that 7 is the unification of the active and passive forms of power, the addition of the 3 belonging to the Empress and the 4 belonging to the Emperor. It’s a union that invokes successful progeny of these other 2 major arcana.

So the site’s name refers to all these positive values, the tarot being above all an activity whose priority is human beings.

3 Example Draws Available

Cupid’s Oracle

Based on a 10-card draw, Cupid’s Oracle uses your past experiences to relate the principal characteristics of your love life. Whether you are single or in a couple, it will allow you to better understand the future of your love life and understand the vibrations that bind you to the one you love.

The Oracle of the Moon

The Moon represents an individual’s unconscious. The Oracle of the Moon opens the doors of a new world, encouraging you to explore the riches of your subconscious. This draw encourages you to step closer to the world of dreams, the abstract and fantasy by giving the power to your subconscious.     

32-card draw

The Classic 32 Card Draw is a divinatory skill that combines modern cartomancy techniques with the divination tarot, part of our mystical heritage. This draw should help you to face the future more serenely by refocusing your goals on what really matters to you.

To test this divinatory experience, visit

Personally, I’ve checked this site out and thought the reading I got was in-depth and gave me some concepts to think about in my life. I adore sites that allow people to get a free reading and give access to advice and guidance. They’re fun. I’ve used them myself plenty of times.

Full disclosure: this is a paid promotion. I will say, though, that I will not promote or support sites or services I haven’t used and/or don’t care for myself.