Even if some teachers turn their backs on the Angels, they are still there.

I roll my eyes every time Doreen Virtue posts a new video lately. Really. Every time she does, she seems to hit some of her former flock lower and lower below the belt. It seems like stirring the pot, quite honestly.

I wouldn’t be so upset about Doreen Virtue’s conversion to Christianity and the content she’s creating if it weren’t for the people she’s hurting with her words—the people who believe(d) in the goodness of the work they were doing, the joy and positive energy they were experiencing in their own lives and sharing by working with the angels.

You can read about my thoughts here: Disappointed In Doreen

Well, here’s the thing: The angels aren’t going anywhere. They never left to begin with. Their love and support is still there. All you have to do is call on them and they come to help.

People who learned to work with angelic energy know what they feel when they are working with it: they feel loving kindness, calm washing over them; they feel soothed and uplifted; they find peace and hope. That doesn’t sound evil to me at all.

And please don’t equate this calm feeling with drugging myself. Seriously. The work a person does with angels supports positive changes in their life is not a quick fix, feel happy for the moment thing. It’s about connecting with one’s own Higher Self and guidance; it’s about adopting positive habits and a better way of living in most cases.

When I’ve worked with angels, I always end up feeling better. Their messages are on time, on point, and extremely helpful. Working with them has helped me move out of fear, into peace. They make me laugh and see things from a more positive, helpful perspective.

And honestly, I’ve shied away from fully embracing the angel work in the past because I know what people say about people who work with angels (we’re a little daft and silly). They think we’ve got a couple of screws loose and that we couldn’t possibly be that naive.

Some people say that the angels are scary beings in the Bible. They actively fight demons and each other (the unfallen fight the fallen, like Lucifer and other demonic presences). You can find some of the stories here. Terrifying Stories About Archangels. This research is leading me to some really interesting theories that I’m not yet ready to talk about.

When I work with angelic energy, though, it’s not at all controlling or scary. Angels are more—how should I say—quietly present in my life. I might be thinking about whether or not to write an article about angels and then I see a feather on the floor when I walk in the door. Or I’ll be thinking about how I should move my business forward, like if I should work with angels some more, and then I open my email and an email from Hay House about Discover(ing) Your Soul Purpose catches my eye so I open it… and it’s titled Angelic Connection. Stuff like that. Synchronicity/odd coincidences.

Once I string the coincidences together, it seems like way more than coincidence. It seems like I should be talking more about and working more with the angels. Their work with me and many others I know didn’t stop when Doreen Virtue denounced her work with them. My work with the angels wasn’t solely based on Doreen and her beliefs. It started well before that and will run its own course.

I’m not going to give up that gentle, loving energy or the guidance I receive when I’m connecting to it. I see it perhaps shifting and evolving some as I work out my own theories about what it means, but I know that the energies I am working with are working for the good of my own soul and I feel it is helping others, not harming them. So I’ll stick with my work and pursue my own way of connecting with Spirit on my own. I encourage you to do the same, especially if your life has been positively affected by your work with the angels. That’s what matters—that positive energy, calm, non-judgmental and helpful guidance and support. Stick with it if it works for you.

With blessings,


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