Heal Your Inner Child

Many of us have a wounded inner child living within our psyches. There are those of us whose inner child was traumatized by caregivers, bullies, or situations outside of our control. Others of us weren’t given proper attention or care while growing up, and others still might not remember any specific incident or cause of their inner child’s woes and fears, but they know that they are an issue all the same.

Even though we can’t hop into a time machine and go back to our childhoods to soothe, nurture, and support our kid selves, we can do some energetic and visualization techniques that can help us to heal our inner child, or even—if you believe in energy’s ability to influence past events—help to decrease or influence past events that would have further wounded your inner child.

Personally, I’ve done a few things to help me to heal my inner child. I’m going to share the most helpful three methods I’ve learned to heal your inner child with you. I’d love to hear if any of these help you feel better in your day-to-day life.

Hold and comfort your inner child. Think of yourself as you were when you were a child who felt alone, isolated, scared, or insecure. Hold your arms out to your inner child or the vision of your childhood self. Take your inner child into your arms and hold them, telling them that they are safe, loved, wanted, accepted, and protected in your arms. Tell your inner child what a good person they are. Pet your inner child’s hair, soothe and comfort your inner child, hum a soothing tune, or just sit with your inner child, giving them the love and acceptance. Use this method as often as you need to and see if your life in the now is affected by working to heal your inner child.

Inner Child Healing
Inner Child Healing

Send energy to a photo. Take a photo of yourself as a baby or a small child and set the intention of sending that baby unconditional love and positive influence for the rest of its life, from that baby-day forward. Focus your loving energy on your little self in the picture, with the intention of easing your burdens, sending inner-strength when you need it, and also just calm, peaceful, joy-filled love for yourself from that time forward. You can also add a picture of our baby self to your altar, in the care of your elders and ancestors. (And, if you are a Reiki practitioner, you can send Reiki to your inner child, and also use the symbol, Dai Ko Miyo symbol in addition to the Chu Ku Rai symbol to send healing to your inner child.)

The other day, I found a picture of myself as a baby. It was one of those pink-tinted photos from the 70s – featuring one smiling little me in a turquoise green jumper. I took that photo in my hands and sent love, strength and acceptance to Baby Sue. I imagined positive energy and influence flowing from me to her, aiding her when she was in trouble, soothing her in her lowest times. Somehow, it made me feel better…

Be the person today your inner child would be proud of. There is so much power in the way you live your life, and living a life that your inner child would be proud of is a way of honoring that child’s stresses, traumas, and sorrows. If you stop cycles that might have traumatized you as a child, like violence or abuse, you are telling your inner child that you’ve repaired your life and that YOU, the grown-up version of that child, are not a bad person. Give yourself love, today, that you didn’t know how to give yourself back then. Be the person you wish your parents or caretakers would have been for you.

As I mentioned, we aren’t currently able to go back in time to save the children we were from harm or give those children the love, attention, care, or acceptance they needed in order to thrive, but we can energetically work to heal our inner children by using simple energetic and visualization techniques. Personally, I’ve found these techniques make me feel better today—they help to soothe past hurts and change my energy in the present, so that I can be the best person possible in the moment.