At the close of my Monday morning yoga class, the instructor invited us to spend the next week connecting with and being the best versions of ourselves.

That got me thinking – what IS the best version of me? What does she do on a daily basis? How does she act and react?

And more importantly – am I being her now?

Um. I know the answer to that – NO! LOL!

I’ve slipped. Fell off the proverbial wagon. Let some things slide.

It’s OK, though. I’m human. It’s not so much about being perfect all of the time as it is to correct yourself when you find yourself faltering.

I always encourage people to start where they are and with a plan for what they’d like to do/be. For example, my list looks like this:

I’d like to be kinder – to debate less and understand more.
I’d like to be stronger and healthier – to replace bad habits with good habits.
I’d like to be there more for my kids – to enjoy the time I have with them.
I’d like to be a more successful business person – to share from the heart and help one person at a time.
I’d like to be better with money – to plan for the future while taking care of the present day.
I’d like to be more spiritual – to get back in line with my practices and feel even more centered and connected.

Everybody has to start somewhere! No matter if that person is (or looks like) an expert, he or she was once a novice. The fittest bodybuilders started oftentimes with average or below average bodies. Gurus took time to gain wisdom and apply it to their lives.

And sometimes, it’s not all about how much you have left to do, but where you are today compared to where you were last year – or even 2 or 5 years ago.

How far have you come? Do you give yourself credit for the successes you’ve had and progress you’ve made?

Are you still heading to where you’d like to see yourself?

It might be wise to try, each and every morning, to connect with your best self. I know some of my friends have been talking about this lately, like Joanna Hennon. She’s onto something!

When you connect with your best self and figure out what he or she is doing daily, you start making those things YOUR habits. You start to embody your best self.

And that is when the magic happens.

That’s when changes start to occur.

They might be subtle at first, like being in a better mood, less tired, feeling supported by the people around you, etc. But then the effects snowball into more happiness and success, better relationships with others, feeling nurtured and nurturing others.

By doing the things your best self would do, you BECOME YOUR BEST SELF!!

So, what can you do to find the best version of you?

  • Be honest with yourself! What gets you excited? What makes you yawn?
  • What goals do you have? Be specific about where you’d like to see yourself, both longer-term and shorter term.
  • Find someone you admire. Specify what you admire about that person. Do any of those characteristics suit you?
  • Meditate. Give your imagination space to really visualize you being the person you want to be.
  • Be patient. Change takes time. Don’t get discouraged.
  • Get back on the wagon. If you fall off, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and hop right back on! And don’t carry a load of guilt on your shoulder. It won’t help you!
  • Find supportive friends. If you can join a group of people who have the same or similar goals, you’ll get a lot of support and likely some good tips along the way!

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