Just For Today, Do Not Worry

When you are attuned to Reiki, one of the first things you learn is the Five Principles of Reiki. The first principle is:

Just for today, do not worry.

Not the easiest thing to do for someone who jokingly says her middle name is Worry.

Worry is everywhere, from the well-meaning advice from your parents designed to keep you alive to the news warning you about chemicals and bad guys everywhere to internal dialogues and concerns about raising kids and taking care of yourself to… well – EVERYWHERE!

Today is a day when I am trying to avoid worry, too. I am going to the doctor to have a tumor I discovered on my shoulder evaluated and schedule surgery. It’s hard NOT to worry about it. There are so many unknowns and I have to wait for more information.

I’m trying not to worry about it, though. There isn’t anything I can do about it now. Worrying won’t help.

I am taking proper steps in having the tumor evaluated and removed ASAP, and I will do what I need to do to resolve it, ultimately.

But this brings up a lot of other thoughts: Should I do more to avoid issues in the future? Should I change my diet? Should I do more yoga or alter my lifestyle? Is Paleo better or should I follow a vegan diet? Low carb or low-fat? Or maybe a juice fast? Will that affect my metabolism? What if it’s cancer? U.G.H.

And this tumor is the tip of the “worry iceberg” for me. I have 3 children to worry about, a husband who is a pilot and who is often out of town, family relationships, money, work, success, getting clients, writing blog posts…


Just for today, do not worry.

It seems impossible to me sometimes.

The other day, as fears and concerns were rolling around my brain, I remembered my Reiki teachings.

I stopped for a moment.

I thought about worry and how that affects me and my mental state – how it blocks me from fully living in the moment.

Do I really need to worry?

I mean, I could allow myself to spiral down into the abyss of always fearing everything or I could be hopeful – even trusting.

I don’t really need to worry about 99% of the things that I worry about.

What if I replaced my worry with something more positive? What if I changed my mindset from concern to hope? What if I let go of what I can’t control and do something about what I can?

What if I trusted the people around me? What if I just lived in this moment without projecting fears into the future?

My present moments might be a lot more enjoyable without worry – and I would be happier as a result.

So, just for the moment, I will not worry. Much. Hopefully.

What do you do to change your mindset from worry to inspiration or action? Please feel free to share your ideas and tactics in the comments below.


  1. Hi Sue,
    As a Reiki Master, I am well familiar with the phrase you posted! I am going to offer my perspective, based on what I have learned from my own experiences in life, and I hope it will be helpful.
    How to go from worry to inspiration and action? Well, firstly, I will remind you to stay in the present, as that is the only thing that we all have. It is difficult to do when challenges appear, but not impossible. I like the expression “worry is a misuse of imagination”. We are here to experience joy and happiness and to be our authentic selves and express that through love in the world. We can’t do that if we are fearful.
    I had a cancer scare a couple years ago. I had to go for tests. Within myself, I felt fine and I was not too worried but then I started talking to people and what I got back was THEIR fear. People are terrified of cancer and illness in general. We live in a society where we focus on illness more than wellness. I spent that time worrying about the future and imagining the worst.
    It turned out I did not have cancer. If I had just followed my own inner voice, I would have been better off. I know that when I go within, I can always connect to that inner guidance that tells me that all is well, no matter what is going in in my life. I know that whatever happens to me in my life is for my good and for my growth. I have come to see every life experience as just that…a life experience.
    Have you read Anita Moorjani’s books? She has written 2 books, Dying to Be Me and What if This Is Really Heaven. I really resonate to her approach to illness and life, in general. She challenges society’s idea that we all need to be “positive”. She stresses, instead, that we need to focus on experiencing fun and joy in life. She also feels that, when we are dealing with illness, we should not make decisions out of fear! When we are driven by fear, we can’t access the guidance from our inner self, which knows what is best for us. She has a technique of going within, sitting quietly and waiting for answers.
    I know everything will work out for you! You will come out of this just fine. Take care and keep us updated.

    • Hi Bobbi!

      Thank you for the advice, the book recommendations, and the support. I so appreciate them!

      And you are right – I did have to switch my thinking from fear to living in the moment. Whatever happens, I am in control of finding the joy in each moment and living it fully – without worrying what the future would bring.

      I’ll keep you posted.

      Thank you. Thank you.

      • You are so welcome!


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