I don’t know where or how to begin this. Maybe with a link to a post I once wrote about Owning Your Human-ness. But the conversation is bigger and wider than just that.

You see, for some reason, many people believe that spiritual people shouldn’t do a lot of things. As I mentioned in the article I wrote before, many people think that one who is spiritual shouldn’t talk about anything that isn’t ‘highly vibrational or positive.’ Bullshit. Many people advocate avoiding anger or other feelings. Not happening here! I think Anger Is Your Friend

We probably shouldn’t cuss, either. Fuck that noise, I say.

Charge fees for our services? Greed! Blasphemy! Even though I’ve gotta feed and clothe my family. Doing my work takes time, energy, and effort. Most people are fine with trading money for other services/gifts, so why not for what I do?

And OH MY GODS, if I have a political opinion! You see, I was told this yesterday: “someone like who is in the business of self-help, healing, etc., one would like to see you not screaming negativity every day and see your positive light you promote.” This was in regard to a post that I put asking if we could just please get Trump out of office now and one about Comey being fired. My posts were really pretty low-key. Nothing like talking about pussy grabbing or killing sleeping bears and wolves in their dens or anything like that.

This comment got me  thinking about some other iconic historical, spiritual, and religious figures who actually had something to say about the state of affairs in the world they lived in. There are some BIG names in that list, including Gandhi and even Jesus Christ, himself.

Please don’t think that I am putting myself on the same level as J.C. or Gandhi. What I am saying is that those two spiritual figures – the first two that came to mind as I was pondering the subject – were INTENSELY political and outspoken about their beliefs. Their opinions, too, were divisive.

Consider this:

Throughout his ministry, Jesus sought out tax collectors. Can you imagine a more politically subversive act than attempting to win over turncoats who were collecting revenue for the occupying empire? What could be more political than challenging the cozy relationship between church and state which exploited the poor and weak? Just before he was murdered, Jesus challenged the Temple scam of his day. He turned over the tables of loan sharks who were charging exorbitant exchange rates for Temple currency. The poor were also being gouged by merchants demanding outrageous fees for the animals to be sacrificed for Passover. You get the point. Jesus was political.
Dr. Doyle Sager,

Historical and well-known spiritual figures spoke about their opinions – that is why we know about them! They preached these opinions to the masses. Their flocks came to hear and spread the word themselves.

Their opinions didn’t affect their ability to heal people or perform miracles. 

History and religion would likely have been quite different if they hadn’t said anything, if they had just stuck with the happy, positive, hollow folly that some expect from modern spiritualists.

Sooooo… I have to ask people to save the “oh, you shouldn’t have an opinion because you claim to be spiritual”  argument for someone who didn’t actually study the lives and teachings of some of the most well-known spiritual icons of the ages. And please, don’t try to use my spirituality or what I do to censor me from having an opinion about what is going on in the world.

What do you think? Should I just let this roll off of me and shine love into it? Please let me know in the comments below!