Hello there!

Long time no talk. Or so it seems.

I wanted to share my little story with you all because I know that many of you are also spiritual business people – or heck, even energetic human beings roaming this earth, experiencing your own ups and downs.

And I was in a down. I wrote it off to SAD (Seasonal Affective Depression) and also to the fact that it was winter – and this is the first year I gave myself permission to pause during the winter months, just like the earth does during the winter season.

Unfortunately, sleep became something of an addiction to me. I didn’t have even a quarter of my usual energy or motivation. I was sleeping until 11 am, getting up, doing all that I could to just scrape by doing the bare minimum, and then crawling back into bed as soon as I could.


My Business Was on Hold Because I Was TIRED-2

And my self-care was just kind of not there. No music, no art, no long hot baths with candles and incense. I barely kept my toenails painted! And I certainly wasn’t taking nature walks or even hitting the gym regularly.

I was kind of starting to get concerned, because I am normally a little bit of an energy fairy – flitting here and there – always happy and on the go…. But I just wasn’t feeling my usual self. So I made an appointment with my doctor for a blood test and all of the general check-ups that might give me an idea of what was draining my energy.

Low and behold! My anemia had gotten WORSE, and that was what was causing my fatigue and general sense of burn-out. I was actually burnt out, too, but that is fodder for another blog post!

Anyhow. My doctor gave me a prescription for iron supplements and told me to take them with orange juice (for better absorption). I have to wait a half an hour after I take them to drink my coffee, but that’s OK.

The effects were almost immediate. Within a day, I felt my normal energy level returning. I would have previously languished in bed, telling myself about the luxurious feeling of laying in bed all day, but now I feel energised to the max once more! What a difference – and what a relief.

You see, there is a big part of me that needs to be productive. I need to create and share and motivate and decorate and paint and dance and draw. I need to LIVE. When I don’t have the energy for it, it’s almost like a part of my soul dies.

Something as simple as iron supplements was what turned me around once more – got me back to myself.

Moral of the story? If you don’t feel right, go check with your doctor. It could be something as simple as a vitamin deficiency.

ALSO, don’t forget that burnout is a real thing. Personally, I think that the energy that I have been putting into projects I work on did influence this in a way. I also know that the verdict is still out for energy influencing real things like red blood cell counts – think vampire.

If you are giving a LOT of yourself to your projects – as many of us spiritual entrepreneurs happily do, make sure that you are practicing extreme self-care at the same time. Don’t allow your work to suck you dry, and, if it does, make sure that you recognise your symptoms and seek medical attention, if necessary.

Blessings to you!
Sue Ellis-Saller