What does the Four of Air mean to me in the year 2017?

It is easy for us all to put a LOT of energy and excitement into New Year’s Day! It’s good to bring that excitement into each and every day of our lives, no matter what the date!

Right now, I am marching into the New Year with some big goals – one being to blog daily about cards and work more to share my journey with others. I want to share that with you!

When I work with the cards, it’s hard for me to deny the connection that I have with them – the way exact notions that I was just pondering come up when I pull a card of the day for myself. 

Today was no different.

Four of Air from Dreams of Gaia Tarot Deck, ©Ravynne Phelan published by Blue Angel

One of the concepts I was thinking about this morning (well, over the past few weeks, actually) was organization of time, of energy, of my physical space. Making room, simplifying routines for the best outcomes, etc. And the card that I pulled from the Dreams of Gaia Tarot Deck, the Four of Air, fit EXACTLY with this theme!

Now, generally speaking, the Four of Air/Swords tarot card means that you should take the time to rest and relax. It indicates that a hiatus is necessary or in store for you.

The Dreams of Gaia deck often offers expanded thoughts on the meanings of the cards.

The Four of Air in the Dreams of Gaia Tarot Deck asks a person to look at his or her habits and home to see how he or she can maximize time and space to feel most comfortable, relaxed, and successful. It encourages us to get organized, to work on creating better habits, and to better manage our time.

This concept is HUGE for me this year, as I have vowed to bring myself back into my “real world space” – back into my home and body – and to drastically cut down on the things I do that are keeping me from what I truly want to do! When I spend too much time randomly scrolling through Facebook or arguing politics, I don’t make time (make being the key word here) to hang out with my kids, to paint, to make my home a warm and comforting environment. When I have to spend an hour looking for a document I need, it frustrates me to no end and totally takes time that I could have spent enjoying life and doing other things.

My disorganization and using computer time and “work” to avoid dealing with life are issues for me.

So, pulling the Four of Air from the Dreams of Gaia Tarot deck as my card for New Year’s Day 2017 is epic. It fully embodies a large portion of my goals for the year. It hit right on target.

I see this as the Universe’s way of underscoring what I can accomplish if and when I get organized and use my time wisely.

Would you like for me to pull a card for you for the New Year?

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Blessed be!

Sue Ellis-Saller