2017 Overview Reading


Are you ready to see what is in store for you in 2017?

The New Year is just around the corner, and I am bringing back my monthly overview readings!

The 2017 Overview Reading is a write-up of two cards which are pulled for each month – one tarot card and one oracle card. You also get a three card Central Theme reading for the year. Think of it as Spirit’s Way of giving you a key phrase or primary focus for the year.

I also note any points of interest that I see – important periods, interactions that can be connected from one month to the other, and guidance based on what I pick up when looking at the cards.

You’ll get a PDF report that you can refer back to for the entirety of the year! It includes color pictures of the cards that are laid out and also the interpretations of the cards.

You can have your choice of any of the tarot and oracle decks in my collection.

Order yours today! They’ll be available between now and January 1oth.

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