Ahhh… It is so easy to want to just settle down in the evening and watch some Desperate Housewives on Amazon. But NO! I didn’t post this week’s weekly tarot reading yet, and that is more important to me!

And the message is so fitting for me right now.

Cards from Erik C. Dunne's Tarot Illuminati
Cards from Erik C. Dunne’s Tarot Illuminati

You see, I’ve been wanting to embody more of the energy of the Queen of Pentacles lately – her warm and comfy home, her relationships with those around her, her way with money and creating security for herself and her family. She’s grounded and focused – her home is well cared for.

I know that I’ve been more ‘in my head’ than ‘in my home’ recently, even to the point where I feel like my body is here, but my energy is missing from my home and family life. It might be focused on money – but it feels more like I am spinning my wheels than making any real headway. And I’d rather redirect the focus of my energy toward the things that matter most to me, like my family, friends, and home, than I do on chasing wealth. 

And honestly, central to achieving what I want lies nurturing the seeds I have planted, continuing to care for them and have faith they will flourish. (Seven of Pentacles) I feel like I run to plant more seeds and til more soil while ignoring what’s already been sown. It’s time to pause and evaluate what I have already done – what needs nurturing – and returning my energy to harvesting those things when they are ready.

That means that I have to make sure that I continue to put effort toward what I want to accomplish without getting frustrated or giving up. (Eight of Pentacles Reversed) It means that I shouldn’t start new projects right now, but that I should mind the work that I do, instead of binge watching Netflix, I should be doing things like posting regularly and making new content for my blog.

How do you feel? Does that reading fit with what’s going on in your world lately? Do you have different insight about what the cards mean to you? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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