Is New Year’s Day the best time to start working on your goals?

As the New Year approaches, many of us are busy making plans, resolutions, and vision boards in hopes that we will achieve all that we desire in the coming year.

The best thing to remember, though, is that the best day to start working on your goals is TODAY and the best time is NOW!

When you think about it, what you do now – in each and every moment – influences what your future will be like. If you want to see big changes in your life, you have to start making small changes in the moment.

But don’t overwhelm yourself with a bunch of big changes all at once, though. Remember that change happens over time and that better is better than the same old same old!

And remember, too, that you don’t have to wait for a specific date, day, or time to start making changes that lead you to your dreams.


What can you do to start making positive changes today?

  • Figure out your top 3 priorities. Make sure that you keep the most important things in your mind as you plan out changes that you will make.
  • Break it down. If better health is a priority for you, brainstorm about real, meaningful changes you can make in your daily life. Make these changes trackable. Start tracking them daily!
  • Find a buddy. It is important to have support from people who are working toward the same goals as you are. If you want to grow your business, seek out people who are also working on growing their businesses, too. Support and commiserating can help a person achieve more than she could by going it alone.
  • Remember you will have setbacks. Life can get interesting and throw curveballs into your plans. Just remember that you will have times when you can’t work on your goals (like when the flu hits your house or you go through some big life changes).
  • Don’t let setbacks make you give up. Just get up, dust off, and start where you are. You will have stops and starts – especially when working toward longer-term goals. It’s normal. Don’t beat yourself up over it.

Set yourself up for success in 2017!

I’ll help you discover what is important for you to work on, then create a plan that works in your life, and I can even hold you accountable to make the changes you need to make to actually fulfill your desires! Chat with me or set up an appointment for a Skype Coaching Session.
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