Show Notes:

What is your favorite tarot card and why?

  • Nine of Pentacles
  • I love that it is a card of independence and “coming to your own,” where you feel abundant.
  • You’re at a level of success where you can enjoy life.
  • Important card for women when it shows up in relationships, reversed- a woman has lost her independence.
  • When it is upright, it is independence for women, which is so important.
  • Red and gold are symbolic of financial wealth.
  • The Falcon shows she is in control of her higher thoughts and emotions

What card confuses the heck out of you when it shows up and why?

  • Two of Wands
  • The project just started; really need to evaluate the ideas before moving forward.
  • Very similar to the Three of Wands, so I hesitate.
  • It almost seems unnecessary.


Tarot Illuminati by Erik Dunne