Show Notes::

Day 4: What would be your favorite tarot deck if you had to pick? (For collectors/addicts, top 3)

Mary-El Tarot – 

  • because the deck is an “experience” – high-quality box, fabulous book
  • because of the richness of the art and symbolism (angels, too)
  • the book is in-depth and thorough, detailed symbolic explanations
  • Perfect deck to dig into
  • stronger feel than some author’s impressions of angels
  • Negative: size

Tarot Illuminati – 

  • this deck, too, is an experience – box, book, etc. beautiful
  • perfect size to work with (little hands)
  • based on Rider-Waite, so it’s easy to read
  • very rich in symbolic cues for the subconscious to grab onto

Angel Tarot –

  • rich in symbolism
  • loved volunteering for Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine
  • word prompts – can be a pro/con, depending on the client
  • one of my work horse decks

Day 5: What decks are you looking forward to working with in the coming year?

Linestrider deck
Haindl Tarot deck
Tarot Apokalypsis (not mentioned in video, but totally on my list!)
Excited to see new decks at the TarotCon 2016!