Show Notes::

Day 1: What was your first introduction to tarot that made an impact?

  • Age 19
  • Being on a train and a guy who was also traveling, read for me from the Thoth tarot.

Day 2: What was your first tarot deck?

  • My first tarot deck was the Thoth tarot from Aleister Crowley. (It’s so worn out and used!)

Day 3: Are you a tarot collector, hoarder, or exclusive Better?

  • Collector.
  • There are many decks out there, but every deck that I get has a different feel to it.
  • I love seeing how people interpret symbols, meanings, and how the art projects that meaning.

Does it aid your practice?

  • Yes, totally.
  • It opens a different way of viewing the decks.
  • I am a lifetime learner.