Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to start doing a little check in on Monday  – tell you what I’m noticing (reading, working with) in world and asking what you’re doing, too!

helloThis morning, I was getting ready to go to the gym when our old pup, Elsa, gave me her sad puppy eyes – like, “Won’t you take me for a walk?” Now, I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t been taking walks with her, which I seem to need just as much as she does. So, I stuffed my pockets with doggie-do bags, grabbed the leash, and took one excited old pupperoo out for a stroll in the fields.

During our walks, I really connect with nature and notice signs and symbols around me. I see the changes in the Earth. I note the animals that cross our path or fly above. I observe what’s happening in the fields and with the air. I find my connection with source and ground myself – something I’ve been lacking lately.

Today, on our walk, I heard the shriek of a hawk or a vulture or a falcon – not sure which one. When I looked up, I saw two large birds of prey circling the freshly ploughed fields that I was walking through. I’m attempting to identify what I saw, as I know that this bird has a message for me. You see, aside from the fact that I heard and saw these birds circling above me today, I had visions of them last night, as I was lying down, waiting to fall asleep.

Now the quest begins: the European Raptor field guide purchase from Amazon.de and I’ll be bringing binoculars with me next time! I almost stopped to take a picture and record their cries – and now I’m kicking myself for not following my intuition, as I’d love to know what I saw and heard and what message it has for me.

When I was walking, I thought a lot about everything and nothing at all… that’s one of the reasons I love my walks. Ultimately, though, my big message of the morning/day was to accept where I am NOW and see that as the point where I have the most power. 

Unfortunately, it’s really easy to reject the place I am in. I’m not slim or toned enough, I am not organized enough (my Achilles heel), I am not successful enough. I don’t live where I’d like to. And I’m generally pretty hard on myself about where I am compared to where I’d like to be, even though I know that I shouldn’t be.

It’s all a question of what I choose to focus on, though. I can do something about everything that isn’t to my liking in life. I can see where I am and be grateful for all that I do have in my life.

Like my home. I might not like it and it isn’t enough room for the 5 of us at all, but where we live is awesome because we have the fields and forests and a river. I’ve connected so much with nature and the changing seasons from living here. We live right in the middle of an agricultural area – so it’s hard NOT to see the land changed by seasons, the animals move through, the changing angle of the sun’s rays as the years go by. I have a connection to fresh flowing water, to leafy wooded areas to explore and fantasize in. It’s good for my soul.

So, ultimately, where I am isn’t so bad at all, and it gives me a starting place – a place to take inventory and see what is working for me and what isn’t working for me. I can plan for what I want more of in life (like being in nature, if we move), and make a plan to work on things I don’t like.

On to this week’s tarot card:

Unity from Doreen Virtue’s Angel Tarot deck.


This is a concept that is also high on my list of concerns lately: unity and finding others who are on a similar path as I am to meet up with in person. Living in the countryside is quite isolating – especially when you don’t follow the main religion of the community AND you speak a different language as your mother tongue.

Part of this message IS about getting out into the community in which I belong. If you look at the “traditional” tarot meaning of the card, it does point to conservative societal norms within the community, the Church (like the Catholic church – and the Pope, specifically), and tradition.

I’ve come to associate it, too (likely because of the Angel Tarot), with finding the soul community that I’m longing for.

What does the Unity card (or the Hierophant, if you lean toward a more Rider-Waite inspired deck) mean to you? How do you interpret it? Do you see it as a call to join your community, to find a community, to adhere to tradition…? Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Well, that’s it for the first edition of the Monday Check-In from Sue Ellis-Saller.

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