The Symbolism of a Woodpecker

What does it mean when a person sees a woodpecker?


The woodpecker can symbolize many different concepts, including:

  • Opportunity
  • Determination
  • Effort
  • Hard work
  • Progress
  • Listening
  • Attention
  • Using one’s head to solve problems
  • Opportunism
  • Making something from nothing
  • Continuing with a project that you felt blocked toward
  • Protection
  • Balance

As many of you know, I not only work with tarot and energy, but I’m also extremely open to working with the random symbols that the Universe puts in front of me to puzzle out. I like to learn about and understand all sorts of symbols – from numbers to shapes to animals to flowers to colors to whatever might stoke my subconscious and lead me to the next mystery.

It isn’t uncommon for me to gaze into the clouds, trying to find a message sent from heaven in the same way that I notice what turns up around when I take my daily walks. Give me a cup of tea leaves and I’m in HEAVEN! Everywhere I look holds an opportunity for an A-HA moment.

I often see what pops up in my life and laugh about how fitting that particular symbol is for me.

Like today when I saw a woodpecker when I was driving my kids to school.

I’d been thinking about my lack of progress with my business – how I’d hit a proverbial brick wall and have just been struggling to get the momentum back that I had a year ago. Even then, I was helping my clients work steadily toward their goals, but I was having a hard time staying on schedule, myself.

This morning, I was thinking about really getting back into the swing of things. I know I need to just sit down, create a media schedule, get my auto-posters all organized, and get ‘er done! No more procrastination or even letting my tasks just slip away like I had been.

If I want to succeed, I have to create success for myself – right? That’s one concept the woodpecker symbolizes.Tweet: If I want to succeed, I have to create success for myself - right? That's one concept the woodpecker symbolizes.


And that is why seeing this woodpecker was so symbolic for me this morning. It couldn’t have fit better! It was like the Universe hand-delivered the exact message I needed to see (just like it always does).

The woodpecker told me: Hey, Sue. We’ve heard what you are thinking about. Here’s a little nudge to let you know we’ve got your back!

Well, it might not have said that to me, but seeing the woodpecker symbolized that concept to me.

And here I am. Getting back on the proverbial horse. Getting ‘er done. Working to create my success.

Mission accomplished, Universe! Thank you!

I hope you have a blessed day!

Sue Ellis-Saller

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