Use your intuition


Hi Beautiful Souls!

I’ve been on a roll with the ‪#‎BizTipTuesday‬ posts this week!

One thing I totally believe in is using your intuition to guide your business decisions.

We are spiritual entrepreneurs whose focus IS working with intuition, right? So why avoid it when dealing with your business, clients, marketing, etc.?

Let your intuition guide you in your business. Act on those little nudges you get. Let yourself follow Divine Guidance when working on new offers, workshops, and even total changes of direction. Do what feels good to you. Don’t do things that make you feel uncomfortable or that you “just don’t get to” because those aren’t the right things for you!

This applies to clients and people on your pages as well. You have every right to turn away potential clients who aren’t a good fit. You have every right to block trolls. You have every right to enforce the rules and boundaries you set in place for yourself and your business. It’s totally OK!

I am really working on getting stronger with the boundaries – if someone does something that makes me uncomfortable, I address it. If I have to ban a person on my Periscope broadcasts – or even from my Spiritual Business Basics group, I do. If someone pushes my buttons, I have to pass on them to keep my own vibration toward what I do and who I allow in my space high. I don’t want to argue or nag, and I certainly don’t want to avoid what I’ve worked so hard to create. I want to uplift and inspire – and to be uplifted and inspired!

So remember to tune into your feelings and intuition when building your business. Your intuition will lead you where you need to go! Follow it!

Have a great evening!
Sue Ellis-Saller