Hello Beautiful Souls!

Just to summarize this week’s reading for you: Make sure that you aren’t giving up your authentic needs and desires for a new moneymaking project.

The cards that I’ve used today are from the Tarot Illuminati deck (Erik C. Dunne and Kim Huggins). I love this deck, as the artwork is FAB-U-LOUS and the deck is just the right size to work with.

As far as the cards are concerned, we got the Star, reversed; the King of Pentacles; and the Princess of Wands.

Cards from Erik C. Dunne's Tarot Illumaniti
Cards from Erik C. Dunne’s Tarot Illumaniti

Generally speaking, I read the cards as an overall impression, rather than reading them one-by-one, or beginning, middle, and end of the week format.

The Star, reversed is what warns me of the likelihood of not fully honoring yourself, your personality, or your ideals.

The King of Pentacles, as the central theme, is why I think it is related to money. This card indicates, to me, either a state of financial and material success (the pinnacle) or a man who is at that level.

The Princess of Wands can indicate a new project or idea that you want to rush into or a younger person who is very fiery and driven (or finding those characteristics within yourself).

What do you think? Do you have a different interpretation that we can consider?

Please feel free to leave it in the comments below!

Have a fabulously blessed week,
Sue Ellis-Saller