Welcome to this week’s Free Weekly Tarot Card reading. I worked with the Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti in this video.

The three cards that I pulled today come together to tell a tale of a busy week that might not turn out as you’d hoped it to.

The Hermit, the Five of Pentacles, and the Knight of Pentacles, all reversed (reversed = upside down), show me that you might not be able to get away from work or a new project (or money might not flow in in the way you’d hoped) this week. The Hermit, reversed, shows that you won’t be in touch with your inner wisdom or guidance, and the Five of Pentacles, reversed, kind of echoes that notion on a softer level – inability to find solace or solitude (or perhaps taking a break to find it, depending on how you view the reversal). The Knight of Pentacles, reversed, shows the start of a project or job that – again – might not go as expected. The peacock feathers in the background of the card caught my eye, and might indicate that pride is one of the reasons that you might be driving yourself to the brink.

As tarot readings give an indication of what the future possibilities are, I would suggest that you watch yourself for clues of exhaustion or being overly stressed and take a step back if you need. Making money is one thing, but doing it to the detriment of your health and/or well-being is quite another. Don’t let your pride run the show!

Have a fantastic week!
Sue Ellis-Saller