Let go.

When I first got my Thoth deck about a zillion years ago and was working with it, I came across a phrase that would be of paramount importance to me through the years:

Let go. Allow. Trust in the Will of the Whole.

I get goosebumps thinking about it now.

Sometimes, we are in utter control of our lives and destinies, and sometimes we have to hand the reins over and believe that the Universe has our best intentions in mind and will send us EXACTLY what we need at EXACTLY the right moment.

It will send us love, even if we are pining for an ex.
It will send us opportunity, even if we are banging on a closed door.
It will send us joy, even if we are momentary lost in sorrow.

You get the picture.

Funnily enough, the Universe does this, whether or not you believe – but, boy-oh-boy, when you believe – that’s when the miracles happen.

So I encourage you to let go. Allow. And trust in the will of the Whole. See what kind of magick the Universe sends your way.

And so it is.

Sue Ellis-Saller