Hey everyone, welcome to sueellissaller.com! You can see I’ve been sporting the 50’s look – kind of into 50’s retro groove right now. I know, something weird to share.


It’s really hot in Vienna today, and I am trying to get as many videos created right now as I can for you because if you listen, you’ll hear no little kids around. My two youngest are with their grandma and grandpa in Germany, their Omi and Opi, and so right now I am using this four-day-period to really hammer out the content.


I’ve written three or four blog posts, I’m really working my social media sites, and I’m going to create some videos and get everything recorded. I have a VA right now, my daughter, as many of you know, and so I’ll have her transcribing the most relevant points in each of the videos that I create so that they’re easier to find through web searches, because sometimes, and here’s a little tip for you here, you want to make sure that you do post that transcript of your video or of whatever you’re doing so that it is more search engine-friendly. So the key points today for this will be bulk recording (or something like that).


Anyway, for many of us who are working as spiritual entrepreneurs and trying to build our businesses in the time we have between work, taking care of children and taking care of our clients, we kind of get overwhelmed with so much that we have to do.

[tweetthis]I really strongly recommend that you take advantage of quiet times, of those moments that nobody’s around. [/tweetthis]

Of course, you want to continue meditating or finding time for yourself, but also use those (quiet) moments to really maximize the impact of any free time that you have. I’m not saying maximize all of your free time and put it all into your business because that’s not good or balanced. What I am saying is if you have a day where you have a quiet home and you feel like writing, or if you’re really inspired and you feel like you can come up with three or four different blog posts on a topic, use it!


One of my clients, Caroline Palmy at Palmy Healing, did a 6-part series about Indigo children, and so she knew she had enough content for the time she knew she was going on vacation, so she got her energy together to create this series and release it, and it’s been a popular series for her as well.


What you really want to do is, if you’re pressed for time, then find a topic that you love and write multiple blog posts, or write one blog post about it, and then hold your feet to the fire, and say, “And next week, I’ll be talking about this in this other way.” That keeps you motivated to get that content going.


Right now we’re also going into that stretch where our kids are going to be back in school soon, hallelujah! We’re going to be putting our minds and our energies back into our business, and with that little statement I want to remind you that I’m working on a “Back to School, Back to Business” group for the month of September, and in that I would like to help people get their mindset going from summer and vacation to, and I don’t want to say summer vacation and being outside is bad, but get that mindset shift and get people back into the habits of nourishing their business and giving their business that energy they had been giving their children or their homes or having fun during the summer.


I will be releasing details about that in the Spiritual Business Basics group on Facebook. If you’re not a member but you are a spiritual entrepreneur, you can go ahead and ask to be admitted into that group.


I think that’s it right now. Just take time if you have it, you don’t have to care about if your hair or your makeup looks the same in five different videos. I don’t have so many clothes, so chances are I’m going to be wearing the same black shirt or white shirt in more than one video. If I make more than one video in one day, that’s good for me. I have more content to push out and that’s the goal – creating awesome content on a regular basis and getting it out to my flock, or my tribe.


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Thanks, and have a great day! Bye!