Sometimes you need a break to connect with your core.

Ahhhh… I so needed that!

I spent last week in Mallorca, and it was DIVINE! We stayed in an all-inclusive hotel next to a beautiful bay. I didn’t have to cook or clean or answer emails or even check my Facebook (the lack of WIFI was a blessing in disguise).

I started every morning with a little walk down to the rocks, making the time for reflection, introspection, and a little bit of meditation.

Each day, I released more and more of the energy trapped inside of me into the rocks, the earth, and the sea.

Every day, I was grateful for the release.

I needed that time to take a step back from my business, my responsibilities – time to take deep breaths and really get down deep inside the core of my being so that I could sort out some things that were bothering me and holding me back.

I realized – once again – that my Sensitive Soul was affecting my business life just as it does my normal life.

My tendency to please others was putting me into a place where I was saying “YES” when I should have said “NO” – or “Hang on. Let’s sort the details before we go sprinting ahead.”

It was making me frustrated and angry with myself, to tell you the truth.

My boundaries were getting all kinds of… how shall we say… inconsistent and weak. I was letting half hour sessions go for an hour and a half and stretching myself thin for the convenience of others.

The expectation was that people could just contact me for a quick advising session, without making an appointment or paying me for my time. (Sensitive Souls in Business need to watch out for that. Firm boundaries about “just a bit of advice” are a MUST.)

I was feeling used.

During the trip, I started re-reading Barbara Stanny’s book, Sacred Success.

In it, she encourages readers to examine how they are giving their power away – and how they can reclaim that power.

I pondered those questions while I was sitting on the rock where I took the picture above.

How do I give my power away? How can I feel more powerful?

And I realized that one of my biggest issues was focusing on things that others wanted me to focus on, instead of sticking with my own interests and desires.

It was draining me.

I had to figure out how to focus on the core of what I do best and what I love the most. That is where my power is – that is where I feel my strongest.

My loves (in business) are:

  • Helping people gain confidence in themselves – especially when they are just starting out or are about to give up.
  • Working with crystals and cards and energy.
  • Sharing other people’s work and promoting them.
  • Helping people polish their professional images.

Sure, there are a LOT of other things that I could do as a part of my business mentoring, but they aren’t my personal areas of strength.

I’d prefer to do what I do best instead of venturing into insecure territory – where I don’t feel comfortable or confident in what I am doing.

One of the hardest lessons to learn as a Sensitive Soul in Business (or a Sensitive Soul, overall!) is to stick with what you love to do instead of flitting around from this to that in order to please others or chase dollars.

So, I am going to be refining my offerings to focus on serving you with my strengths – and I am going to be looking for other entrepreneurs to refer you to if your request doesn’t fit with my power areas.

WHEW! That last one is a doozy! I am going to work to refer you to someone who can serve you better than I can… YIKES.

It’s scary to think that really focusing on the core of who I am and what I do best might have me sending you to someone else for a service.

But it’s necessary.

I want to focus on my strengths and loves. I want to get to be KNOWN for promoting and confidence building. I want my energy and business mentoring sessions to be legendary. I want people to come to me for those things I mentioned above – and only those.

[tweetthis]When you focus on your core strengths and doing what you love, your business will nourish you, not drain you.[/tweetthis]

You will feel more centered and confident in what you do.

You will become known for being the best at what you do.

We all know the term, Jack of all trades – master of none. I don’t want to be Jack. I want to be Sue.

So, if you are looking to build your confidence as a Sensitive Soul in Business – if you’d like help with promoting your business or website or blog pieces – if you’d like to polish your professional image – if you are interested in growing or relaxing or healing with crystals, cards, or energy work, then I’m your gal!

You can email me at sue@sueellissaller.com to arrange a complimentary consultation to find out if I am the right person to serve you.

If you need something else, I’ll refer you on… If you offer something else and want to talk about referrals, feel free to get in touch.

It’s what I need to do for me and for my business. It’s what I do best for you and yours.