Combining different types of crystals and tarot reading can help a reader to ground herself during a session, to better connect with her psychic abilities and with the Universe, and to more effectively communicate a reading with the reading’s co-creator (a.k.a. “the Client”).

I personally use several in each session I have – and then I add other crystals – as I feel necessary.

Like most other things related to working with your gifts and or intuition, it is important to listen to any urges or feelings you have about adding different crystals or minerals to your reading space.


Clearing, Cleaning, and Connection:

When you are first working with your deck after you purchased/acquired it, or if you would like to keep it clear from negativity, it is a good idea to keep a piece of clear quartz crystal on top of the deck when you store it. Make sure that you clear the quartz crystal from time to time by holding it under running water (a natural waterfall or stream would be BEST, but the tap will do), or putting it out under a full moon or in direct sunlight, by laying it in a bed of rock salt overnight (discard the salt afterward). If you are attuned to Reiki or any other energy source, you can also use that to keep the energy of your crystals pure.


Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is a great, “all around” stone to work with. It is a good stone for balancing, absorbing, and focusing – and it clears up and dispels negative energy on ALL planes (spiritual, mental, emotional). Because it is capable of clearing away negative energy and bringing more balancing and harmony into an area, it is a great stone to keep around – or on top of – your decks when they are not in use.
You can read more about clear quartz in this article: Clear Quartz – The Multifunctional Powerhouse


Grounding and Protection:

I always feel like it is a good idea to affirm my connection with the Earth prior to reading tarot. Also, there is a vast amount of energy and wisdom available for one to draw on and use during readings, so tapping into Earth energy is a good way to start readings.


Red Jasper:

Red Jasper is not only associated with the Earth/base Chakra, but it is also considered to be a “spiritual grounding stone.” It can also help to return negative energy to its origin when working with esoteric practices. All of these attributes make it the perfect stone to use when tarot reading: It helps one to connect with the energy of the Earth, to ground spiritually, and to protect a reader and his/her querent from any negativity that might be directed at either person.

Tiger’s Eye: 

Tiger’s Eye is another stone that is associated with the Earth Chakra and one that can be used not only to connect with Earth energy and wisdom, but also to help protect participants in a tarot reading from negative energies.


Love/Angelic Realms



Rose Quartz:

THE go-to stone for love readings and to connect with angels (and spread a little joy and love with your reading is Rose Quartz). Rose Quartz is associated with love, compassion, care, and calming – and with the angels, too! I have a rather large chunk that I actually keep in hand when I am deciphering card layouts on telephone and Skype readings. This is one I use in every single reading I do.


Boosting Your Confidence


Citrine is associated with the solar plexus and with confidence. You can use this in readings when you are first starting to build your confidence in expressing what you find in the cards. This stone is also associated with business success and abundance, which makes it a wonderful stone to bring into readings about success, business, and bringing prosperity into a person’s life.


Communicating Messages

Blue Calcite: 

I always keep a piece of blue calcite near when doing readings. It is associated with the throat chakra, and can help a person not only communicate, but also to find the most fitting words for the situation (which is wonderful when working with intuition, Spirit, and passing messages on to others).


Tapping into Intuition and Your Psychic Abilities

 Lapis Lazuli:

Lapis is associated with the throat and third eye chakras. It has long been associated with wisdom and used by healers and priests since Egyptian times. This stone is also known for helping people to work with intuition and psychic ability – it is said that it can create a connection between the Spirit realm and the Earthly realm. It is also considered to be a very powerful stone of protection.



Some refer to Labradorite as “The Stone of Magic”. It is widely known to help people tap into their psychic abilities and increase their awareness of intuitive guidance and messages from the Spirit realm. This stone is also a protective stone.


This is another all-purpose, wonderful stone to use when doing tarot readings/spiritual work. It is associated with the crown chakra and said to increase a person’s ability to connect with Spirit and gain insight and wisdom when doing readings.


I hope you’ve found this information to be helpful! There are – of course – several other stones you can use when working with cards – this is an introduction to a few that I commonly use in my readings.


Make sure that you allow your intuition to guide you when choosing complements to your tarot readings.

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With respect and light ~ Susan




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