Video Challenge for Spiritual and Sensitive Entrepreneurs!

I’ve decided to host a kind of impromptu VIDEO CHALLENGE for the Spiritual and Sensitive Entrepreneurs out there.

The most important things about your video are:

  • Style – be yourself, be creative, speak in your own voice.
  • Creativity – are you doing something unique and original to grab your audience’s attention?
  • Overall feel – does your video leave me feeling good and wanting to see more?
  • Connection with your audience – are you talking about something that will resonate with your audience?

This challenge will run for a week (through June 18). Videos can either be submitted to me (email with a link to your video) or in the Spiritual Business Basics group on Facebook (click here).

The winner will be chosen by me on the 20th of June!

What’s the prize? The winner will receive two 45 minute, One-to-One sessions with me! (Value $250)

Cool! I am excited about this!

Happy video making!