In March, we are working to heal our Money Mindsets so that we can confidently and easily attract money to us through our work.

Yesterday, we took a look at our thoughts about MONEY.

Many of us grow up thinking money is evil and that wanting to have it is shameful. Actually, money is neutral (it isn’t good or evil) – and it is perfectly normal and natural to want to have enough to live comfortably and to take care of everything that we need in our lives! After all, who wants to live in squalor and poverty?

Today, we will look at the why’s.

Think about things like:

  • What happened in your life to make you feel the way you do about money?
  • How did you experience money as a child?
  • How did your parents talk about and handle money?
  • Have you had times in your life that were spent in poverty?
  • Did anyone ever steal money from you or deny you money that they owed you and you desperately needed?
  • Was it hard or easy to afford the things you needed in life?
  • Have you ever won or lost a large sum of money?
  • Are you good with money?

Write about these different topics in your journal today.

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