Money Mindset March 9th – Using Feng Shui to attract abundance

I know some of you were following Kate Northrup’s recent 21 Day Money Love Challenge – and one of the things that she mentioned was working with feng shui to increase the flow of money into your home/life.

Now, I did a little clean-up of my money corner. It had been cluttered with toys, my plants were in need of some TLC, and I have a map of the US in that corner (I need to put a framed, golden map of Austria there! 😉 )

I still have some more changes to make to help it be more auspicious, and I would also like to re-do my upstairs money corner to be super attractive to abundance.

So, for today’s Money Mindset in March assignment: find YOUR home’s money corner and pretty it up! Gold and red are very good for money corners, as are broad-leaved plants and crystals!

Feel free to post a picture of your money corner here!

This article tells a little bit about how to find your home’s money corner: