Free writing with the angels is a process that helps to open up your connection with your soul and with Source in order to get your creative juices flowing and write inspired and inspirational blog posts.

As a blogger, I totally know the ….. (blank mind) that many of us face when sitting down to write a blog post, and free writing is one way that you can get over the … and on to great writing.

Now remember, this process is something that should be easy to do. Don’t allow yourself to over-complicate things or to over-think what you are writing. The best thing to do is to not think at all: just write!

Here is the process I recommend that you use to free write with the angels.

1) Center and connect

First, close your eyes and turn your focus to breathing. Breathe in for a count of four, and out for a count of four. In for four and out for four. Do this until you feel calm and peaceful.

Next, imagine your feet growing roots out the bottom. Picture those roots traveling through your floor, through the layers of the Earth below you – right down to the very center of the Earth. From there, the roots travel back upwards – again running through the different layers and levels of the Earth, absorbing all the knowledge and wisdom that reside within the Earth – and then the energy from your roots meets back up with you at your feet, traveling up through your body, all the way up to the top of your head and out your crown chakra. Now, imagine that your crown chakra is open, and that a glowing white beam of light, runs right into your crown chakra, and gently fills your entire being with the light from and connection with Source energy.

Take a moment to feel the meeting of these two very wise, very inspiring energies in your heart chakra area. Allow the warmth and energy that flows to you to travel all the way out to your fingertips.

2) Call on the Angels – especially Archangel Gabriel – to help you write what you need to share with the world.

3) Start writing.

When you open your eyes again, go directly to either a blank blog page or word document and start typing, or open up a notebook and do things the old-fashioned way. Write everything and anything that comes to mind down in your document – don’t filter, correct, or edit. Just write.

You might want to set an alarm for 15-30 minutes. Write until the alarm goes off. That way, you won’t give up too quickly.

4) Review and refine

After you have written from your soul, you can go back and see if there are any great themes or topics that came up in your writing. You can either pick those out and refine them, or just proof and edit your free-writing session and publish it as an impromptu piece.

When using this free writing process, you can choose to write about a specific topic, or you can choose to connect with a certain entity as a basis for your writing session. Do what feels right. Adjust the specifics according to your beliefs, needs, and time allotments.

Writing for your blog needn’t be a dreaded task – it can actually be fun! Centering yourself, calling on the angels, and free-writing will allow you to open up to Divinely Guided messages and to the Muse Within. The more you use this practice, the better your results will be.