The only person who doesn’t fail from time to time is the person who doesn’t try.

As you are building your business as a Light Worker or teacher (especially the teachers among us), you will be using a LOT of different and new programs to share your messages with the world.

When you are learning the ins and outs of using these new systems, you may run into problems with them. Even if you are a seasoned Light Worker who has offered several different programs, has a lot of experience, has made video and audio blogs, etc., there is a possibility that you will still face a glitch from time to time.

It’s OK. It happens to the best of us.

There are a few things you can do to get through a technical issue with grace, flow, and confidence.

1) Breathe and center. There is no reason to let technical difficulties throw you off center. If you find yourself experiencing technical difficulties, just make sure to breathe and center yourself in a peaceful, calm place inside of yourself so that you can keep your confidence when you really want to cry!

2) Have a back-up. Personally, I set a second computer near me to record the session I am doing. Making arrangements to record your webinars/training sessions is great if there are systems issues, AND you can actually post the training sessions and complimtary materials on your site and sell them in the future!

3) Host a real-time chat started on Facebook or Twitter at the same time as your webinar. This allows you to check in with the participants – real time – and see what their experience is even if you cannot see/hear the audience in the webinar environment.

4) Don’t let it get to you. Honestly, everyone who is anyone has dealt with technical issues. Even Eckhart Tolle said that his first webinar had so many participants call in that it crashed his servers. He couldn’t go on and had to reschedule.

Keep trying. Keep creating. Keep teaching. Keep inspiring – no matter what hurdles are thrown in your path!

You can listen to my short Blogtalk Radio chat about the subject here: Handling Technical Issues with Grace, Flow, and Confidence


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