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Your calling is BIG. You know in your heart, spirit, and soul that you haven’t been put here to merely sit behind a desk, but to spread light and love across the planet.

And so you’ve made healing, advising, SERVICE  your mission! You’ve studied and apprenticed and received attunements. You’ve taken all of the classes – and you’ve committed to making your spiritual work into your CAREER!


Here are the top 5 business tips for Spiritual Teachers, Reiki/Energy Practitioners, Tarot Readers, Angel Intuitives, and Light Workers of all kinds.

1) Value your modern, human needs.

I know that you are a spirit in human form, and your material form has needs that are inherent to the situation. You need adequate sleep, nourishing food, a safe and secure home, clothing, downtime, a good dose of your own energy, and honestly, you probably need to make money from your spiritual career.

The material side of the spiritual business can seem pretty icky and undesirable fodder for many Lightworkers. Many of us are driven by the need to serve over the need to receive. Some of us remember past lives as healers – where our needs (food, shelter, clothing, jewelry) were met in trade for our services. Others of us took a vow of poverty either in this life or past incarnations. This vow can greatly impede our ability to receive and feel comfortable with wealth that we generate through our healing work. Still others, Earth Angels and reincarnated angels of all sorts, only remember giving and not ever needing anything in return for helping others. They just don’t even consider charging for their gifts in the first place. Lightworkers and Earth Angels, in general, have a hard time accepting payment for their services.

And then there is the negative light that has been cast on money, finances, and “rich people.” People have perpetuated the myth that all rich people are mean and greedy, money is evil, and accumulating it just isn’t spiritually aligned. When you think like that, you actually create blocks within yourself about wealth creation because you don’t want to be evil and greedy, so you subconsciously and energetically avoid attracting what repulses you!

Consider this, though.

The power of money lies in what you do with it and how you accumulate it. Money itself is not evil – it is a neutral tool that can be used for good or evil.

Money can feed the poor, it can fund doctors and medicine for the sick, it can build homes for the homeless. It can be used for a VARIETY of good deeds and positive things.

The more money and resources Lightworkers and Earth Angels have, the more they can use money for good!

Your work is not only about changing your own life – but you know that already, don’t you? It is about changing the world and using your gifts for the good of yourself, your clients, your community, and the world!

And please, please don’t project your needs or attitudes about money away from the current system or paradigm. You are living NOW and need to take care of your needs in the current economic system. Spewing contempt toward the current economic system and calling for its fail is a HUGE energy conflict. Avoid that conflict. Live now.

One key to overcoming conflicts about receiving money for your gifts: Always remember that an energy exchange is a necessary part of any healing or advising ceremony. The common means of exchange right now is money. It is perfectly acceptable for others to use money as a means of energy exchange.

2) Trust your intuition about business decisions and clients.

People who are building their Lightworker practices often go against their intuition when dealing with clients. They take on people who aren’t an energetic match in order to grow their client base. They go against their instincts in business and in life in hopes that they will help their businesses.

It just doesn’t work that way, and you know it! You ARE a highly intuitive being who USES those intuitions for others, so start using them to guide you in your business!

If you get a hunch that a client isn’t going to benefit from your advice or services, refer them to a different practitioner. If you get the feeling that a particular gig isn’t going to serve you, pass. If you get the feeling that a client is going to skip out on the bill, demand payment in advance (that should be your MO anyway!). If someone you meet gives you the heebee-jeebies, get away!

It is totally 100% OK to trust your intuitions and cues about people you work with and business opportunities that you create or that present themselves to you. Go with your hunches. Trust your gut. Listen to your Angels when they whisper warnings into your ears…

And – of course – go full force into things that make you tingle and that your intuition shouts YES! YES! YES! about. Find ways to go down the paths that you are guided to. Follow the clues that the Universe gives you to find your ultimate successes in using your gifts.

3) Don’t forget your practices

Business life can be exhausting. It can be obsessive. It can drain your energy and still be hungry for more. That is why every Lightworker and Angelic Practitioner should be twice as conscious of keeping some sort of meditative, connecting, self-care practice going – and make time for it – on a daily basis.

Shielding and cord cutting are also going to be necessities. If you don’t know how to shield your energy or cut your cords, I have a FAB cord cutting ritual for $4.44 (with meditation for $9.99). You can order it today!

Also, do the small stuff with your family that is so important to keeping your bonds with them strong. Take time away from Twitter to rub your spouse’s back. Don’t let your children go without their evening ritual involving none other than you. Your business will grow, as will your children. Your latest blog post can get polished at 9 pm so you can have that half hour to read and snuggle with your littles.

It’s not all about your business, but also about your life. Remember that. And remember…

4) Your business is A BUSINESS!

I totally get the fact that reading a tarot spread is much more fun than tallying the plusses and minuses from last month’s accounts. I understand rolling your eyes at having to track each and every deck of cards, cartridge of printer ink, webinar, and spiritual group you join so that you can deduct those from your taxes.

And I totally, absolutely understand having issues with setting firm boundaries with clients. Oh. My. Gods and Goddesses, do I!

But a business is a business, and it needs to be run like one. You need to track your income, the money you are spending, your clients, your time.

You must be firm with late people, no-shows, or those who would like to have their 60 minute appointment actually last 2+ hours. Create a good client contract that details your specific rules and ethics (mine is here). Refer clients to it. Be consistent in using it. It is better to create good boundaries with the people you work with and for than to feel taken advantage of or actually get ripped off by a client who you have served.

5) These things take time.

This is a key point – it might take time to grow your business. You will have to make time to put into it, and you’ll have to keep at it, no matter what!

It is so (so, soooo) important to realize that 1,000 people might not view your website on the first day it launches – or on the second, or on the sixtieth.

You’ve gotta love what you are doing so much that it just doesn’t matter how long it takes to succeed, because you are in it to see it through to success!

Patience. Consistency. Dedication. Belief. Faith. Those are all of the qualities you are going to need to hang tight to when you are growing your business! Tweet: Patience. Consistency. Dedication. Belief. Faith. Those are all of the qualities you are going to need to hang tight to when you are growing your business!

Many Lightworkers and Earth Angels love what they do so much that it is hard for them to focus on the business aspect of their businesses. The tips mentioned above will help these kind and generous people to not only share their gifts in service of others, but also to share their gifts in service of their own needs.

Are you ready to turn your calling into your career? Why not let me help you! I offer a free introductory session. The details are here: Biz Basics for Earth Angels and Sensitive Souls