Smashing ANTS

Hello, Beautiful!

You know you are beautiful, right?! I hope so! You do so much for other people, give from the heart, work hard, provide support – all the things that you need to remember to do for yourself!

Yesterday, we talked about listening to the cues that you are getting from your mind, body, and soul. Today – and I know it sounds like a 180 – I want to talk about when NOT to listen to yourself…

Today’s assignment is about recognizing Automatic Negative Thoughts or ANTs and stopping them in their tracks.

ANTS are not good. They hold you back from reaching for your dreams. They zap your confidence and can lead to depression – especially if you listen to them or allow them to spiral in your thoughts. They must be stopped!

How do you stop them?

First, recognize an invading ANT right when it is happening. The next time you realize you are thinking you are too (fill in negative comment)  to (fill in cool thing that you want in your life), stop right there!

Take a look at that negative thought. Is it true? Is it yours or did someone else plant that thought in your head? Is whatever it is big enough, strong enough, or important enough to keep you from doing or accomplishing what you really want to do?

How to beat the ANT:

You have the option of telling yourself that the ANT is simply not true.

If it is true, tell yourself you will not allow it to hold you back from forward motion.

Flick that thought away. Imagine the thought as an actual ANT and flick it or squish it. (It feels good to squish those negative thoughts).

Find an internal representation of yourself – a strong woman figure (you) – and have her simply step on the ANT.

Stop yourself mid-thought and refuse to even allow yourself to think negatively about yourself any longer (that is my choice 99% of the time!).

ANT smashing can take some practice, but it is totally worth it!