Hey, Beautiful!

I hope that your day has been sunny and bright – if not literally, then figuratively!

Today we are going to be “takin care of business!”

Today’s Assignment:

For this, you will need to get out your list of those things about yourself that are Tolerable or that you Cannot Stand.

Take a look at both of those lists.

Is there anything on either that you have no control over or cannot change?
Is there anything listed that happened in the past?
Any entry that is someone else’s opinion and not yours?
Can you move anything from the Cannot Stand to the Tolerable list?

Cross through those things that you cannot change, that you cannot control, or that are not your opinions. Has your list changed any?

Remember, Beautiful. Your feelings about yourself should come from a loving place, they should be YOUR OWN, and they should be applicable to you NOW!

If they aren’t or don’t – recognize the fact and dump those opinions!