Hey, Beautiful!

Today’s assignment is working with one lesson that I admit I need a reminder for a couple of times a year – AT LEAST!

There is always going to be someone better, prettier, thinner, funnier, more experienced, more collected, etc. than you. ALWAYS.

What you have to do is go ahead and do whatever you love anyway – despite the fact that there is someone else out there doing it ‘better’ than you. That is OK.

Instead of allowing your feelings of jealousy or inadequacy deter you from moving forward or doing what you love, LEARN from the other person. Figure out how to up your game. Figure out how to shine YOUR best light.

Cause at the end of the day, there is someone out there – maybe even lots of someones – who needs EXACTLY what YOU are offing. Not what that ‘better’ person has, but what YOU HAVE.

Never forget that!

Take a few minutes to journal about how you compare yourself with others in your life – personally, professionally, spiritually… Do your comparisons keep you from moving forward in any area? Can you put your comparisons aside and allow yourself to shine?